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Foot Rest Hammock


Foot Rest Hammock

This adjustable foot rest hammock can be fitted under any desk to give your feet momentary rest and comfort that they deserve. This adjustable foot rest hammock can be fitted under any desk to allow your feet to relax while you’re trying to complete your important office deadline, or having a coffee break.


Two Person Canopy Barrel Sauna


Two Person Canopy Barrel Sauna

Who says you cannot enjoy a world-class spa right in your own backyard? This two-person canopy barrel spa is constructed with Western Canadian red cedar with stainless steel parts and accessories. This sauna is ingeniously designed to provide maximum space such as seating space and the front wall which can be pushed back to make an exterior porch.


Stone Massage Slippers



Can you get a soothing foot massage even as you literally go along? With this pair of stone massage slippers, it’s highly possible! Each slipper has a variety of natural gem stones that are strategically placed to provide soothing massage on the soles as well as to promote good blood circulation and relaxation.


Full Body Massage Chair


No time to go to the spa? No problem! With this full-body massage chair, you can enjoy a professional-level massage in the comfort of your own abode.  It features a proprietary body scanning technology which locates your shiatsu points, cuing the chair to adjust its massaging rollers to provide you a more customized massage with just the right amount of pressure.



Spiky Massage Balls


This massage ball has soft spikes to give your foot instant relaxation and relief from pain and tiredness. Just put the foot massage ball on the floor, have your foot to roll over it, and you will feel instant soothing effect on your sole. These spiky foot massage balls also help in improving good blood circulation while providing a deep kneading to the tissues.


Body Back Scalp Massager


Body Back Scalp Massager

The Body Back Scalp Massager is the perfect tool for your self-massage needs. The little knobs at the tip of the fingers will leave you with a tingling but oh-so relaxing sensation not just to your scalp but to other parts of your body.

The Body Back Scalp Massager helps in increasing proper blood circulation, provides relaxation to tensed muscles and helps in reducing aches and pains. The sensation this massager leaves will definitely provide deep relaxation, therefore reducing stress.

The Body Back Scalp Massager is perfectly small which makes it portable. When you need instant relaxation and relief no matter where you go, you can always rely on this nifty massager!



Contoured Sleeping Mask


This contoured sleep mask is guaranteed to provide you more quality sleep and bedtime bliss! Made of soft but durable material, this sleep mask blocks out light completely while giving comfort to your eyes. This unit also comes with a separate pair of Moldex ear plugs which shuts off any noise that may distract you from having a sound and peaceful bedtime.


Wood Burning Hot Tub


Wood Burning Hot Tub

This vibrant yellow outdoor hot tub allows you to relax and chill out without using electricity or fuel. It uses firewood to warm the water. However, with this hot tub you do not need to place the firewood directly above it. Instead, there is a metal coil appendage that holds the firewood which heats up the water. Made of fiberglass, this hot tub is surprisingly lightweight, making it portable so you can take it and have a luxurious warm soak wherever you go.


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