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Big and Fun Toys


Ran out of ideas on fun things to do in your backyard? Or you want to have an outing with your friends and are looking for fun things to do? Check out these big and fun toys that will surely bring laughter to you and your squad.

Human Hamster Ball


Human Hamster Ball


Also known as the Zorb ball, this inflatable giant ball is usually played outside, especially on a gently sloping grassy terrain. But it can be played on a level terrain. The sport where the Zorb ball is used is called “Zorbing” or “globe-riding.” Popular among adults as well as kids, this ball will surely be a literally “big” addition to your toys collection.

ATTENTION: This is NOT a water Zorb!


Ride-On Animals



This is a good thing to put in your backyard, if you have kids. It allows kids to exercise and ride around the toy animal without batteries. Instead of children riding on rocking horses which just stays in one spot, this ride-on animals allows children to ride around your backyard or wherever she/he wants.

Riding on this ride-on animal is like riding on a real horse. It will bounce up and down on the saddle, in which the children can make the legs and head of this animal move forward and backward, which moves the product forward in a galloping motion.


Indoor Kid’s Playground




With this indoor playground, you can help your child in developing health habits at a very young age. It can be set up easily, and features a sturdy structure, and also comes with safety mats while climbing a rope or monkey bars or ladder.

The maximum allowable weight is 220 pounds, and its floor to ceiling size requirements is 92.5” minimum and 118” maximum.


This Air Fort is the first kid’s fort to hit the market which inflates in seconds with just the switch of an ordinary household fan. This fort is large enough to fit several kids and adults, and also big enough for their toys, blankets, pillows and games. It is the perfect size fort to encourage hours of fun and independent playtime.

This product is made from lightweight, breathable fabric, and when it is stuffed back into its matching carrying bag, it only weighs 24 oz and is smaller in size than a folded pair of jeans.


Life Size LEGO Bricks



These modular plastic building blocks allow you to build objects of your desire. It is perfect for all types of creations and constructions, like furniture, décor, room dividers, and fun. These oversized blocks are ideal for creative building projects and stem education. Aside from that, these blocks are weather and chemical resistant.

With these Life size lego bricks, you’ll be able to construct anything in your imagination.


Crayon Bounce House


Crayon Bounce House


This Crayon Bounce House will surely be an instant hit with the kids. Aside from being eye-popping ,this inflatable house is guaranteed to deliver hours of pure fun as they bounce and slide. It is ideal for indoors and outdoors, as well as a perfect addition to any fun occasions — birthday parties, Christmas parties, family reunions, pool parties, summer backyard parties, and lots more.

This pretty inflatable house has the right size so that kids can play in and around it more freely. It also comes with ground stakes for a secure hold for outdoor setup. It inflates and deflates quickly, and storage after use is easy.


In-Ground Trampoline Kit


In-Ground Trampoline Kit


By installing this in-ground trampoline kit, you can create a safer jumping environment for your kids and their playmates. This trampoline is at ground level, which decreases the risk of serious injury and creates aesthetically pleasing landscape in your backyard. You can install this on your backyard and watch as your kids have fun jumping on the trampoline.


Inflatable Bumper Soccer


Inflatable Bumper Soccer


This toy is designed as a mashup between soccer, human bowling and dodgeball. Get your squad and have fun playing with this inflatable bumper soccer. This product is engine for safety with its plastic handles, and additional head clearance.

In this ball, you can bump, tackle and push down your opponent without injuring them.


With these big and fun toys, you can now gather your friends and enjoy in your backyard, or you could go to the park and play with these big toys which will bring fun to you and your friends.

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