Best Handheld Sewing Machines under $50

Handheld sewing machines are versatile, convenient, and can sometimes get the job done that larger size machines can’t do.  They are not just useful at home, but you can also take them with you due to their portable, compact structure and travel-friendly size. These appliances have the ability to repair almost kind of material, thin... Continue Reading →

Tips for Buying and Selling a Home

Buying and selling a home can be one of the more stressful endeavors we undertake.  Its often the largest assets and investment we have on top of the fact is our home. If your selling your trying to get the most value possible in the least stressful means possible. If your buying a home you... Continue Reading →

Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home

They call it spring cleaning but really its more like "when you have time cleaning".  Maintaining a home takes work and some planning whether its spring or not. We have compiled a list of areas to focus on with some tips to help get you going.  The more you put into keeping your home clean... Continue Reading →

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