Castile Soap and Its Benefits

Castile soap is named after a similar style of soap that originated in Castile, Spain. These soaps are made from…

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Guide to Pet DNA Kits

DNA testing has become a very popular way for people to find out their ancestry and background. For those whose…

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Ways to Maximize Your Outdoor Space

Inside is where a lot of people tend to be, but even if your yard is a postage stamp size,…

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Different Types of Water Purification

Clean drinking water is something everyone needs. While most people can get water that is reasonably drinkable by turning on…

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Developing a Family Preparedness Plan

Disasters can happen anywhere. Being prepared for an emergency is important for the whole family! If only one person in…

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Different Types of Storage for Prepping

Since a large part of being prepared for a disaster is storing up supplies, finding a way to store them…

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Top Prepping Mistakes to Avoid

Prepping refers to getting prepared in case of a catastrophic event. For some people, this is an afterthought, but for…

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Making Your Windows Shatter Resistant

A ball gets out of control. A rock gets thrown from a lawn mower. A bird flies a bit too…

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Mosquito Gardens: How Beautiful Container Gardens Can Help Keep Mosquitoes Away

Summer for me is about spending time with family and friends, swimming, and working on my garden.  The only thing…

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Practical Design Tips for Your Own Home Office Setup

Nowadays, more people have willingly committed to work in their own homes because they enjoy many benefits from it. You…

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