Preparing for the Arrival of a New Horse

For many horse and horseback riding enthusiasts, bringing home a new horse is always a big event. But like with other pets, having a new horse requires care and responsibility, whether you are new to owning and taking care of horses or are experienced already in it. This includes providing the horse … Read more

Why Horseback Riding is Good For You

Before motorized auto vehicles like cars and motorcycles, people widely used horses to get them to different places — whether by riding on a horse alone or riding inside horse-drawn vehicles like carts, coaches and buggies. Most people at the time used to ride on horse backs for many purposes, from commuting … Read more

Horse Riding: How to Start

As with all things, we have to start somewhere, right? The same goes with horseback riding. We know that you want to immediately become a great horseback rider but as all successes go, there are no shortcuts for a successful horseback riding. Whether you intend to learn horse riding for the purposes … Read more

Horse Feeding Mistakes You Should Avoid

Your horse’s health should be top priority when it comes to providing them food. Unfortunately, while most horse owners enjoy feeding them, it’s easy to make mistakes when doing it. Even these small feeding slip-ups can greatly compromise your horse’s health. Planning your horse’s diet plan carefully and knowing the common horse … Read more

Horse Grooming Tips

How does your horse look this good? How does it achieve its glowing coat and lush, shiny mane and tail? Can that be achieved only by a professional groomer? Not really! You can do professional-level grooming to your own horse, too. A good grooming kit is a must, of course. You should … Read more

Useful and Fun Pet Accessories

Useful and Fun Pet Accessories

                                                                                                                  The sheer number of fun, expensive products which are available to help you appreciate your pet is just one of the very best things about owning a pet. There are various accessories for your pet to use. Check out these useful and fun pet accessories. Bubble Backpack Pet Carrier   … Read more

Useful and Fun Dog Accessories

Useful and Fun Dog Accessories

A pet dog is a great friend for the whole family. Many of us have lots of fun with our furry friend every day, but there’s always something to makes things better! Read in for some items that can help you get the most quality time with your pooch: Canine Anxiety Relief … Read more

Useful and Fun Cat Accessories

Useful and Fun Cat Accessories

If you’re a cat lover, you probably want to make them as happy and comfortable as possible. When cats are taken care of properly, they can respond with a lot of love plus entertainment. Check out the following items in order to have the most fun with your feline friend: Licki Cat … Read more

Getting Started with Clicker Training for Dogs

Clicker training for dogs involves using a handheld noisemaker, which is called clicker to mark wanted behaviors. It is a “conditioned reinforcer” because it is paired repeatedly with what the dog wants to work for, usually food but not always, which you then use to communicate with your dogs. The treat is … Read more