Amazing Facts about Thailand

You may have probably heard of Thailand’s successful “Amazing Thailand” tourism campaign. As a result, more than 19 million tourists visit Thailand every year, making it the most heavily-visited country in Southeast Asia. But beyond the gorgeous beaches, amazing cuisine, spellbinding temples, huge shopping malls, towering golden Buddhas and the welcoming smiles … Read more

The Challenges (and Perks) for Expats Living in Thailand

Being in another country can be sometimes rewarding and sometimes frustrating. But no doubt about it – it is always an enriching experience. But living in a foreign country (most likely permanently) is otherwise a completely different matter, compared to having a vacation there as a tourist. Building your professional life, raising … Read more

Alternative Things to Do in Thailand

After seeing all those world-famous beaches, venturing into many kinds of sports (such as doing rock climbing at scenic spots) and sampling nearly all kinds of street food, is there anything more left to do in Thailand? Well, there are lots, apparently. If you are on the hunt for something more different, … Read more

Getting around Thailand

Thanks to its improved infrastructure and booming tourism, getting around Thailand is now easier compared to a few decades ago. You will find a wide range of different modes of transportation around Thailand, from auto rickshaws (tuk-tuks) to the modern Skytrain system. Of course, do not expect all transportation options to be … Read more

Top Things to Do in Los Angeles That You Should Not Miss

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Top Events and Festivals in Los Angeles

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The Bizarre Side of Los Angeles

Every place has its own eccentricities, and that makes it more interesting and worthwhile to visit (and re-visit). Los Angeles is no exception; in fact, many may say that the word “weird” is relative to L.A., which has its large share of off-beatness. If you are tired of doing the same old … Read more

Tips for Dads Planning on a Trip to Walt Disney World

Yep, you heard it right – how to survive on the so-called “happiest place on earth.” When you think that a trip to Walt Disney World is one easy, happy ride, the reality that lies behind all this revelry is a considerable amount of preparation and planning. I’m sure that most dads … Read more