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Essential Gadgets for All Guys

Technology keeps marching on, bringing so many new and amazing items into our lives. Some gadgets are pretty much useless,…

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Guy’s Guide to Buying Flowers for that Special Someone

Flowers are beautiful, and the fresh brightness and sweet scent of flowers can increase the happiness of people in the…

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Fun Crafts for Kids to Do at Home

Crafting sessions with children are always fun! Check out these three easy, engaging and fun arts and crafts ideas suitable…

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Easy, Yummy and Fun Recipes Kids Can Make

Cooking is a basic survival skill, which is true. But it doesn’t always have to be a chore. As you…

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Simple and Fun Outdoor Activities with Kids

Nowadays, kids are stuck with their smartphones and tablets. Get them to be active no matter the season (not just…

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Quashing Misconceptions Of Stay At Home Dads

I am a stay at home dad. With that role comes some pretty common (and annoying) misconceptions that I am…

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Great Tips for Dads Traveling Alone with Kids

Traveling with kids is already hard… let alone traveling alone with kids. While traveling with kids has certainly many upsides…

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Great Dad and Child Activities Together

I have seen a lot of father-and-child activities, but they are mostly geared for Father’s Day. But to me, these…

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Does The Best Electric Mower For Kids Exist?

Like many stay at home dads, I always need to have a project to keep me busy. This is one…

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Your Ultimate Guide to Styling Sweaters

The air is getting a bit nippy, so it’s time for you to think about making sure your fall sweaters…

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