How Long Does Perfume Last?

Perfume bottle

Due to the usual expensive price tag that comes along with perfumes, it’s no surprise to think how long they actually last. Do perfumes expire? Do they go bad? Are some questions that may come into mind as you see your collection of fragrances for every possible occasion and season. If you … Read more

Tips for Saving Money by Buying in Bulk


Bulk purchasing provides a way to lower the cost of your weekly grocery bill or the overhead costs of your small business, whether you are purchasing for your family or your company. It’s also essential for those of you who live in remote areas far from the closest supermarket, where going to … Read more

What is the difference between Sam’s Club and Costco?

people outside a Costco branch

Shopping for your household needs may be done on a routine basis: either weekly, every other week, or even monthly. Regardless of the shopping schedule you do, you might also have a go-to shopping mall or grocery shop which does not only offers a variety of choices for your shopping needs, but … Read more

Reasons to Choose a BAKflip MX4 Truck Bed Cover

Ford Pickup Truck

A pickup’s massive body and sturdy frame hint at its true nature as a rugged vehicle. Because of its stronger construction, improved suspension, and beefed-up wheels and tires, it can withstand changing road conditions. Examples include muddy, rocky, and sandy pathways in remote areas, as well as flooded streets. Because of its … Read more

Does shaking perfume or cologne ruin it?

Does shaking perfume or cologne ruin it

It’s customary to shake cologne before applying it. Should you shake the cologne or not? When you order a new perfume from an online perfume shop, it is transported from a separate place. The perfume gets a vigorous shake during the shipping procedure. The perfume will begin to fade more quickly over … Read more

BAKFlip MX4 vs. F1 Tonneau Covers – Pros and Cons

BAKFlip MX4 vs. F1 Tonneau Covers - Pros and Cons

Choosing the right tonneau cover for your truck can be a challenge. There are plenty of great covers on the market, so carefully review the pros and cons of two leading options. Find out how the BAKFlip MX4 and F1 compare with the BAKFlip CS hard folding tonneau cover and other leading … Read more