Cool and Unusual Candy and Treats

Looking for some treats that would catch the attention of kids who would knock on your door to do trick or treat this holiday season? Fill their Halloween baskets with some unique candies. Here are some of the cool and unusual candy treats you might want to add to your candy jar.

Assorted Japanese Candy Pack


Assorted Japanese Candy Pack


With this bag of assorted Japanese candy, you can treat your sweet tooth to a sampling of the Far East. This Assorted Japanese Candy Pack comes packed with 34 packs of 27 different hard candies, gummies, and crackers which are guaranteed to satisfy any palate.

Fill your candy jar with not just one type of candy, but with assorted Japanese candies.


Giant Whirly Lollipop



By having a go at this giant whirly lollipop, you can experience what the rainbow tastes like. This whimsical giant whirly lollipop treat measures 4.5 x 10 inches and also features an eye-catching multicolored design along with a deliciously fruity flavor.

Treat your kid with this giant whirly lollipop which will keep them from getting another candy treat every once in a while.


Retro Candy Gift Box



By digging into one of these retro candy gift boxes, you can take your taste buds on a nostalgic trip through time. Each retro candy gift box comes jam packed with 30 different sugary treats from a specific decade in the twentieth century, specifically from 1940s to the 1990s.


Big Box Of Fortune Cookies


Big Box Of Fortune Cookies


These fortune cookies almost taste like the same cookies you have enjoyed at restaurants. A big box contains 100 fortune cookies, all individually wrapped. They are also great for kosher diet and for vegans. If you do not like today’s fortune, you can break another another fortune cookie open.


Rainbow Caramel Popcorn




By snacking on this rainbow caramel popcorn, you can treat your eyes and taste buds to a snack they won’t soon forget. This classic delicious snack, rainbow caramel popcorn, stands out above the rest not only for its sweet taste but also for its vibrant colors, like pink, yellow, and purple.


Satan’s Blood Hot Sauce


Experience the depths of hell… well at least by tasting this hot sauce, that is. Each 1.35 oz vial contains hot sauce made of 800,000 scorching hot units of pepper extract. This will definitely set your tongue in fire!


Swedish Fish Oreos



By snacking on these Swedish Fish Oreos, you can take your taste buds for a walk on the wild side. These limited edition Swedish fish oreos treats replace the traditional white crème filling with a fruity red filling which offers the same great taste as the classic Swedish Fish gum candy.


Oreo Churros



With these Oreo Churros, it’s like two dessert giants join forces to take you to dessert heaven. Each of these savory oreo churros treat comes individually wrapped so that you can easily eat it on the go. This treat also features a delicious dipping sauce to make them extra tasty.


Oreo Choco Chip Sandwich Cookies



Chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip dough ice cream, and now a chocolate chip cookie sandwich spread? Where can you get that? It’s Oreo! Right! This limited edition Oreo consists of two savory chocolate cookies joined by a thick and creamy chocolate chip cookie-flavored cream! It’s chocolate chip goodness all over.


Grass Fed Beef Snack Sticks


Grass Fed Beef Snack Sticks


By chomping down on one of this grass fed beef snack sticks, you can snap into a healthy version of Slim Jim. These sticks are made from only the freshest of natural ingredients, and gluten-free. It is also paleo friendly doesn’t contain antibiotics, hormones or nitrates.


World’s Hottest Chili Pepper




By taking on the world’s hottest chili pepper, you will set your insides on fire. This chili pepper is verified by the good folks at Guinness World Records, and is known as the Carolina Reaper which boasts an insanely high 2,200,000 Scoville heat units, which is more than pepper spray.


Brown Sugar Jerky Candied Bacon


Brown Sugar Jerky Candied Bacon

The Bacon Mamma Jamma offers not your usual bacon. This brown sugar jerky candied bacon has the heavenly blend of sweet, smokey and sweet. Made from 100% hickory-cut bacon dusted with brown sugar, this is surely going to be very addictive!


Edible Spoon Maker


Edible Spoon Maker


This edible spoon maker is another fun way to make your own utensil; plus you can help the environment by not using plastic spoons! By using this nifty kitchen gadget, you can make four crispy golden spoons in just a matter of minutes!


French Cheeses for the Connoisseur Assortment (30.5 ounce)


If you are a fan on French cheeses or just someone who likes aromatic and bold-flavored cheeses, this company igourmet selects four classic French cheeses to cater. This assortment includes:

Pont L’Eveque – This cheese is made from the Norman countryside, one of the oldest existing cheese to come out from France. This has a soft and creamy texture but it does have an intense, pungent aroma which is definitely not for the timid.

Comte Reserve – This semi-hard French cheese is made from fresh, unpasteurized cow’s milk. This type of cheese usually come in 80-pound wheels, and is perfect for salads or cheese fondue.

Buche de Chevre – This exquisite cheese is a soft-ripened cheese which is made from pasteurized goat’s milk. This is produced in the Poitou-Charantes region in the Loire Valley, and its texture is creamy and flaky while its flavors produce sweet and tangy notes.

Fourme d’Ambert – This is considered as one of the most sublime French delicacies. It is a semi-hard blue cheese produced in the Auvergne region. This has a milder aroma compared to other blue cheese, it also has a smooth and sharp combination.

This is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy some bold selections of French cheese classics.




Gourmet French Cheese Assortment


Gourmet French Cheese Assortment


By pairing your spirits with an assortment of gourmet French cheese, you can raise the pretentiousness factor of your next wine and cheese dinner soiree. This Gourmet French Cheese Assortment includes L’Eveque, Comte Reserve, Buche de Chevr, and Fourme d’Ambert.


Bacon Lovers Feast Gift Basket




What better gift to give inveterate bacon lovers than this bacon lovers feast basket? Surprise your carnivore companion with this three-pound bacon basket as a gift, with each pound having different flavors: one pound of cracked pepper and garlic bacon, another pound of chipotle bacon and another pound of applewood smoked maple sugar bacon. It’s so irresistible, you won’t mind grabbing a piece of your own gift too!


Fruity Crisp Oreos


Oreo continues to experiment with different flavors and textures. One of their unusual limited edition flavors is the Fruity Crisp Oreo, with cream spread consisting of fun and colorful rice crispies! This will surely give  you another unique Oreo experience!


Girl Scouts Cookie Cereal




By scarfing down a bowl of Girl Scouts cookie cereal, you can begin each day with an invigorating sugar high. This iconic and incredibly delicious girl scouts cookie cereal are now available year-round and come in two tasty flavors, the Caramel crunch, and Thin Mints.


Hot Chocolate On A Spoon



Give in to total chocolatey indulgence with this chocolate on a spoon. While you may lick it as you like… this spoon is actually for making hot chocolate! Just dip the spoon into a hot milk or hot water, and watch the chocolate melt into a thick, creamy and chocolatey treat.


Reese’s Peanut Butter Sauce




By topping your snack with this Reese’s peanut butter sauce, you can give any snack or dessert yummy peanut-buttery flavor. This peanut butter sauce features the same delicious flavor as the iconic candy and also comes in a massive 4.5 pound tub.


Starburst Single Flavor One Pound Bag


Starburst Single Flavor One Pound Bag


If you go after that one particular Starbust flavor, why bother going through loads of Starbust bags for your favorite flavor, when you can buy a single flavor in a one-pound bag? You can order this directly so that you don’t have to rummage through a sea of other Starbust flavors again.


Natural Caffeine Energy Stir Sticks


Natural Caffeine Energy Stir Sticks


These little pick-me-up sticks should be your every day office companion to avoid dozing off at the desk. Each stick has 125 grams of naturally derived caffeine plus vitamins! It also tastes clean! And it gives you a jolt of much-needed energy without making you nervous, unlike taking a cup of joe.


Gummy Candy Maker Kit


Gummy Candy Maker Kit


With the help of this gummy candy maker kit, you can turn your children into pint size Willy Wonkas. This gummy candy maker kit includes three delectable recipes and everything necessary to easily create up to 22 teddies, 9 fish, and 7 gummy snakes with a tangy fruity taste.

Make the holiday season fun by filling up your candy jar and your neighborhood kids who knocks on your door to trick-or-treat.


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