Cool and Unusual Decor Ideas

Decorations bring life to your house. During events, people will always notice cool decorations in your home and would initiate a conversation. If you are someone who enjoys putting decorations in your house just for fun, or for people to see, here are some of the cool and unusual decor ideas.

Kaiun Ryoukai Sword



This Kaiun Ryoukai 2014 was beautifully crafted by the skilled swordsmiths of ancient Kyoto. The swordmaker, Ryoukai, influenced a big part during the late Kamakura period in the provinces of Kyoto and Yamashiro. This sword is dedicated to Toshogu Shrine and is named as an important and valuable cultural asset. Raiun Ryoukai 2014’s blade crest is reproduced from the upper old Japanese era, which represents the provinces of Kyoto and Yamashiro.

Slice through your savings in one fell swoop by placing this sword in your online shopping cart. This crafted weapon is modeled after the upper old Japanese era.


Marshall Amplifier Fridge


Marshall Amplifier Fridge


From the main stage to the man cave, this fridge was born to rock. Featuring authentic marshall amplifier parts which includes logos, fret cloth, and a brass-finished faceplate, this is the ultimate combination of rock and refrigeration. With this fridge, put the most iconic logo in rock, on your fridge.

This fridge is a 4 cubic foot fridge plus a .4 cubic foot freezer when you really need it cold. This also stands 32 inches tall, 20.5 inches wide, and 22.5 inches deep, this fridge will complete any room. The fridge also uses authentic Marshall parts and the controls go up to 11.


Bioluminescent Plankton Mini Aquarium



This bioluminescent plankton mini aquarium contains thousands of tiny single cell algae called dinoflagellates. When swirled at night, these dinos use light to grow and produce a soothing blue light. Rather than send living organisms that may not be opened right away, you can now enjoy the beauty of natural bioluminescence from the comfort of your own home with your Dinosphere, since it comes with a redeemable coupon in place of the living dinos and Dino nutrients.

With this Bioluminescent Plankton Mini Aquarium, create an enchanting nighttime environment in your home. This sphere features a 10 centimeter diameter and is filled with thousands of non-toxic Dinoflagellates which glow blue.


Fan and Light Bulb Pull Chains


Fan and Light Bulb Pull Chains


Bring some novelty to your home with these nifty pull fan and light bulb pull chains! With these pull chains, you can now easily tell which chain is for the fan and which chain is for the bulb. Made of high quality materials, these pull chains are durable and guaranteed for long use, and make a great accent for any home.


Push Botton 1950s Black Payphone



Relive the retro days with this 1950s-style 3-slot payphone. You do not have to pay for your calls but the slots are otherwise functional. As you deposit your coins into the phone, you can hear the sound of a nice jingle. The coins are just dropped into the coin bank, which comes complete with a key for locking/unlocking. You can use it as a “piggy bank” too, if you wish!

Like many phones in the past, this retro payphone has a rotary dial — but that’s just for aesthetic purposes! Instead, it comes with push-button dial.

This sleek vintage phone will be a beautiful addition to your home.


Faux Wolf Fur Bedspread



Ensure you feel warm and toasty with this faux wolf fur bedspread. This luxurios bedspread is crafted entirely animal friendly faux fur and is given unique style accents to create a realistic appearance.

This is made from a beautiful assortment of faux animal skin pelts which is perfect for decorating, crafting and fashion.


Hydro Ball Wind Spinner


Hydro Ball Wind Spinner


If you want to take kinetic yard art into something more worthwhile and functional, the Hydro Ball Wind Spinner will surely be it! Connect it to your garden hose, turn the faucet on, and watch in awe as the water flowing out of the hose causes the ball to pivot and spin while watering plants and grass at the same. That’s a cool way to keep your front yard and back yard garden looking lush and green.


Magic Sakura Cherry Blossom Set



Bring the Zen into your own home with these cute miniature cherry blossom trees, or “sakura” in Japanese. These trees show off their magnificent bloom every spring.

Made entirely of paper, this “tree” adds a nice decorative touch to your office work desk, side table or sideboard. Simply unfold it and make it to stand, and then sprinkle with a few droplets of “magic water” and then the “tree”‘s pink blooms begin to blossom.


Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp




This salt lamp is hand made from salt crystals from the Himalayan Mountains, and is lit with the included 15 watts bulb, which gives a warm amber glow. It comes with 100% Natural neem wooden base, which is better than other wooden materials.

Improve your bedroom’s air quality with some ambient lighting courtesy of this lamp. Painstakingly carved by hand, this amazing salt lamp is mounted on a termite-resistant base which is made from neem wood. It glows with a soft yellow or amber color, and discharges negative ions that clean and purify the air.


Jellyfish Air Plants




This Jellyfish Air Plant displays 3 Air Plants Oxacana set in 3 Alphones Sea Urchins which are suspended by clear line. One jellyfish og this plant measures 4 inches tall and 4 inches wide. This flying Jellyfish can be hung anywhere and can be a conversation starter. Air plants get their common name from the fact they don’t require soil.

Give your home a surreal twist with these jellyfish air plants which creates illusion they’re magically floating.


Levitating Flower Pot


Levitating Flower Pot


This flower pot is ideal for shops, bars, coffee shop, gift shop, party, hotel, family reception, office scenes and magic shows which are used to render the atmosphere attract popular science props. Using magnetic levitation skills, this pot is suspended in the air by show merchandise.

By placing this gravity-defying levitating flower pot on display, bring an air of calmness into your home or business.


Viking Horn Cup



This Viking Horn Cup creates each hand-made drinking horn from 100% genuine horn. Designed by a combination of Mother Nature and human craftsmanship, each horn cup is unique and will serve as a perfect drinking tool with your beer, mead, wine, etc. This cup holds approximately 20oz of your favorite mead, beer, wine, ale or any other beverage. It features a natural finish and cut from a solid piece of horn.

This mug is a great item for weddings, birthday gifts, or maybe Game of Thrones-inspired period plays. Each horn mug is carefully crafted and features a non-toxic coating which makes your beverages safe to drink.


Damascus Steel Sword


Damascus Steel Sword


Expertly constructed from Damsacus steel and folded steel, this weapon is also an exquisite work of art and stands as a testament of excellence of ancient Chinese sword-making techniques.

This hand-made sword weighs 4.4lbs and has overall length of 39”, and its blade length is 22”.


Ion Fire Pit



The design of this fire pit takes its inspiration from the ancient Roman fire pits. It features tall sections with slits which make creating a bonfire a safe and enjoyable experience. No need to feel fear of accidentally setting the surroundings on fire! It is also perfect for roasting meat, marshmallows or even rotisserie.

This fire pit is perfect for any outdoor setting — backyard, front yard, camping, cottage, patio, or the beach — and will also make a great conversational piece!


Rainbow Flower Cushion


Rainbow Flower Cushion


These cute, colorful and cuddly Rainbow Flower Cushions will instantly bring life to any drab-looking interiors. Each cushion measures almost two feet in diameter, can be washed manually or in a washing machine, and has a soft and velvety plush feel, making it perfect for snuggling!

This is the perfect gift for kids or anyone who loves colorful things. This pillow has two faces, one side with closed eyes and mouth, while the other side with open eyes and mouth.


Foldable Chairs


Foldable Chairs


Think out of the box with this foldable chairs designed by Douwe Jacobs and engineer Tom Schouten Flux. This is made of durable yet lightweight polypropylene, it’s transformed from a single flat pack piece to a curvaceous lounge seat in less than a minute by simply folding.

These chairs works equally well inside and outside, at home or work, uptown and downtown, and is also available in lots of stylish colors, like bright orange, ice blue, classic red, jet black, lemon lime, pure white and pebble gray.

These cool and unusual decor ideas can light up your home and make it a fun place.


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