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Cool and Unusual Office Accessories

Your desk is a space for creation and innovation. Essential office accessories keep your office running in a great mood and helps maintain productivity. This wide range of products is suitable for home or business offices. Aside from adding style and beauty to your office, these items also function to help you in your daily work.

Here are some cool and unusual products you might want to add or put in your office.

Freewrite Distraction-Free Writing Tool


This product is the first real tool for professional and aspiring writers; it is designed to help writers get in a flow state. This tool has the best screen for writing, best keyboard for writing, and saves seamlessly. Aside from that, it also has cool features.


This product uses E Ink screen that’s easy on the eyes for excellent indoor and outdoor readability, can sync to the cloud with support for Dropbox, Evernote and Google Drive. It has full-size mechanical keyboard made from Germany, and allows the user to write offline, and has weeks of battery life.


Smartphone/Tablet Side Mount



Whether you need to finish a bunch of tasks or watch a movie, this product keeps you productive wherever you are just by simply clipping your tablet to the side of your laptop. It comes with 5 swappable rubberized grips to secure most all smartphones and tables from 5mm and 9mm thick. This product is designed to delight, with its smooth finish, premium rubber inserts, and this could be a great idea for a gift.


Hands-Free iPad Stand/Holder



Want to lie down and watch a movie from your iPad but too lazy or tired to hold it with your two hands? This product is best for you, it allows your tablet to remain stable and can be viewed at a comfortable angle. However, it is universal for all iPads and tablets in landscape mode only, but the engineered tension elastic band has a lifetime guarantee.


iPhone Holding Water Bottle


iPhone Holding Water Bottle


This product is made from a safe material and environmental-friendly. It also has stylish design, which includes ring handle for easy to carry mobility. Aside from that, this product is waterproof, leak-proof and can hold two kinds of beverages in one bottle, and also lets you put key, money and other small items.


USPS Planetary Stamps



You can send out some snail-mail which includes this USPS planetary stamps. With this pane of 16 stamps, the USPS showcases some visually compelling full-disk images of the planets in our solar system. Some of these stamps show the “true” color of the planets, which is what we might see with our own eyes if we’re traveling through space.


Blooming Lotus Desk Lamp



This product is widely used in various environment decorations, which improves environmental artistic taste, showing warm fresh, and fashion 3D visual impact. It is also great in energy saving, since it uses 0.0123 kilowatts per hour for 24 hours. Aside from that, it has 7 colors in which you can control, you can either fixed it in one color or gradual changing.


Peel and Stick Dry Erase Board


Peel and Stick Dry Erase Board


Forgot to bring sheet of paper or anything to write on? Turn virtually any surface into your personal canvas with this product. These dry erase board decals have five distinct sizes and are designed to be easily removed, without leaving even a small mark or a sticky surface.


Angled Laptop/Tablet Stand



This product elevates your laptop computers for a more comfortable, neck-friendly tilt versus lying flat on a surface. It holds iPad Pro at a perfect and secure angle for sketching or annotating. It has an open wedge designed which increases cooling and airflow around your laptop.


Smart Storage Labels


Smart Storage Labels


Looking for something very important but you forgot where you put it? You can keep your stuff into boxes and never forget what’s inside the box with this smart storage labels. This product lets you keep track of the items that you put into small boxes. You just scan the label with your smartphone, and then a detailed list of the items inside the box will appear.


Iron Man Mini Fridge



This product is an officially licensed Marvel collectible mini fridge. It can fit 6 cans of 12oz soda, and its exterior measurement is 11.5”high 7.5” wide 11.5” deep. It also features a warming function so you can heat-up your food conveniently.


Perpetual Calendar


Perpetual Calendar


This product was first designed for MoMa in 1998 and this smaller version was introduced in 2008 for commemoration of the 10th anniversary of its original design. To use this, just simply insert the stand to place the calendar on a desk and then move the magnetic balls manually to mark the date and month. This calendar is available in silver or black colors.


Dry Erase Whiteboard Notebook


Dry Erase Whiteboard Notebook


Trying to write a formal letter but keep on making erasures? Or learning how to draw? This product is good for you instead of wasting tons of paper. This dry erase whiteboard features a detachable binding and comes with 25 reusable sheets.


Map Marker Push Pins




This product consists of 8 Map Marker push pins. By posting your reminders and notes to your office board with this product, you’ll never lose your place in your work again.


Portable Mini Air Humidifier/Purifier


Portable Mini Air Humidifier/Purifier


By attaching this product inside your vehicle, you can maintain a fresh scent. This product helps in improving the air quality inside your car by spreading negative ions which counteracts the excessive positive ions in the air.


Foldable Lap Desk




This product is made from recyclable corrugated fiberboard, and weighs just 12 ounces and supports laptops up to 6 pounds when used on a soft surface like bed or couch. This product uses no adhesives and fits in a padded envelope, and it is also ideal at home, in the dorm or car.


Bookcase Chair


Bookcase Chair


This is the perfect product for bookworms who have so many books and ran out of space to put them. It works as a 2-in-1 product, aside from putting your books in it, you no longer have to find a place to stay so you can start reading. After pulling out a book, you can easily sit down and start reading.


Wisteria Bonsai Tree Kit



This product is a good gift idea especially for people who love plants. With this kit, you can watch your own bonsai grow from seeds which provides you good education and learning experience. This Wisteria Bonsai Kit blooms best when grown in the sun. It is very easy to grow and prefers to be placed in a deep, rich loam.


Black Out Roller Stamp


Black Out Roller Stamp


This stamp is easy to use, you just quickly stamp over your personal or sensitive information you want to conceal. It also has a unique designed patent pattern combined with formulated ink works on paper surfaces which will mask out your private information.


Rainbow Pencils



This product is made from recycled paper, and features a vibrant multi-color interior which allows you to create beautiful little rainbows every time you sharpen them. Kids would love to have this rainbow pencil and use it every day in school.


These cool and unusual office accessories are not only functional but they give your office a unique character and vibe that can lighten any task at hand.


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