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Waking up is hard for many of us, even without smartphones and other devices having the option of setting several alarms. If you or someone you know has extra trouble getting up in the morning, a unique alarm clock might be an effective solution.

There are several alarm clocks on the market that do much more than simply ringing loudly to wake someone up. Check out the options below an determine which one would be best to get your morning started:

Water Powered Clock


Water Powered Clock


This clock would be an excellent gift for anyone who’s into alternative energy sources, science experiments, or novelty items. It’s powered not by batteries or electricity but reduces your carbon footprint by running solely on water. Once you pour water inside, the electrons in the clock convert the ions into energy for powering the device.

Cutting-edge technology like the electrodes and an inbuilt memory chip make sure that the time is accurate and there’s no need to constantly reset the device. In fact, the power generated could even keep the clock running for 3 months or more. This would not be an environmentally friendly purchase but also one that saves you a lot of hassle. There’s no need to visit the store again and again for batteries or to take up a while socket for powering your clock.

On the downside, though, this clock isn’t equipped with an alarm. It’s hence just a decorative yet useful timepiece that you can use on the go for accurate planning.


LaMetric Smart Clock


LaMetric Smart Clock


This smart clock is a compact device that does much more than just tell the time and sound an alarm. It actually motivates you to get up by tracking the weather, notifying you of emails and tweets, and giving you the latest news. This way, you get to prepare for your day without wondering what the weather is like or what to talk about.

With this clock, you get a Wi-Fi device that can sync with your phone and give you all the updates in no time. It’s probably the most customizable, interesting, and unique alarm clock you can invest in.


Wooden Block Alarm Clock


Wooden Block Alarm Clock


This alarm clock provides a unique, sleek appearance that would also last a long time. Many users have preferred to use it as a decoration piece, but it’s also good as an alarm. It goes between displaying the time and the temperature, which might be annoying for some users but handy for others. Nevertheless, it’s a suitable purchase for a home office or any professional setting where you might need to know the time and temperature at once.

The display for this clock is digital, making it easy to tell the time in the dark. Overall, it’s an elegant and decorative option that measures 2.4 inches on each side. The cube shape is quite unique, as many other wooden block clocks available are of the rectangular kind. With the addition of the alarm, you have another useful feature which should prompt an immediate purchase of this clock.


Tetris Alarm Clock



Tetris is a classic game that many would recognize from their childhood. It’s still popular among the geek crowd or anyone who’s interested in old-fashioned décor. In addition to being an interesting conversation piece, this clock also has an alarm function in order to be of extra use.

The display on this clock is made up with the falling block motifs that the game is known for. This makes for a unique, multi-colored addition to any room. However, there have been some complaints about this clock losing time over the course of a few months. Overall, it’s a fascinating timepiece that many would enjoy just having on their desks or bedside tables.


Mobile Alarm Clock


Mobile Alarm Clock


Waking up in the morning and getting ready for the day isn’t an easy task. If you find it difficult to get up and about in the first place, this mobile alarm clock can help you get active as soon as your alarm goes off. It does so by literally running away from you when it’s ringing, forcing you to run after it to turn it off.  This would hopefully get you awake more effectively than hitting the snooze button time and again.

This clock would drive into remote areas of the room in a random sequence. This way, you wouldn’t be able to predict where it goes next. In addition to being a fun and unusual way of waking up, this clock also comes in several colors. These include aqua, gold, raspberry, and chrome. You can hence choose the color according to you home décor. No matter what kind of a color scheme your bedroom has, this clock would probably come in a perfectly complementary shade.


Alarm Clock Rock Rug


Many people might be able to wake up with a regular alarm, but not be able to get out of bed right away. This leads to continuous pressings of the snooze button, which is a dangerous habit and can make you late every day. This alarm clock rug solves this issue by requiring you to stand on it for at least 3 seconds before it turns off. If you think you won’t be awake even after standing for a few seconds, you can even change the time up to half a minute.

This alarm clock rug is also a soft, fluffy addition to your room. It provides a comfortable experience that won’t make you resent waking up. The minimalistic design and modern looks would go well with any kind of room décor, so this is a no-risk purchase.


Clapperboard Digital Alarm Clock


Clapperboard Digital Alarm Clock


If you love the movies or know someone who does, this clapperboard alarm clock could be a great addition to an everyday routine. This alarm clock isn’t just shaped like a clapperboard, but it would also display the time and date in large red digits like a take number.

The clock itself runs on direct electric power instead of batteries. You can set the alarm by using the buttons on its side. The size of this clapperboard alarm clock is around 22 by 21 by 3 centimeters, which is roughly the same as a medium-sized version of the real thing.


Defusable Bomb Alarm Clock


Defusable Bomb Alarm Clock


This is an alarm clock with a unique look and feature. It’s shaped like a pile of dynamite, which would apparently go off if you don’t defuse it when the alarm sounds. This makes for an interesting and even exciting way of waking up. The alarm is also quite loud, with the motivation being enough to wake even those users who’re suffering from jet lag. Once you press the snooze button, the countdown would probably be enough to wake you up properly.

However, this is a sort of gag alarm clock that would probably cause concern at places like airports and schools. You would hence have to be careful while traveling if you want to bring this clock with you. It could get you in some trouble, even if you tell people it’s just a gag.

Sound Oasis Wake-up Light Aromatherapy Sleep Sound Machine & Alarm Clock

This alarm clock combines several features that come together for an effective alarm system that won’t jolt you. It uses a light function along with some aromatherapy in order to help you maintain a proper circadian rhythm all week.

Along with helping you wake up, this alarm system is also a sound machine with six nature sounds to help you sleep in the first place. When it’s time to wake up, you can choose to have a brightening light like the sun and/or a selection of four scents for instant alertness. The light would also dim back down at night to allow for easy sleeping. Overall, you get many functions in one alarm clock with this purchase.

Sonic Alert SBB500SS Sonic Bomb

If someone has extra trouble waking up in the morning, this dual alarm clock is one of the best solutions. This is a turbo-charged, vibrating alarm clock with red, pulsating lights to boot. While the tone and column is adjustable, the alarm can reach around 11 decibels.

The most unique feature here is probably the bed shaker. This has a 12-volt power, which is a powerful function for getting anyone out of bed quickly. What’s more, there’s also a battery backup in case one runs out while the alarm is sounding. Even those users who were simply testing out the alarm were shaken at the result even though they were already awake.

Not waking up on time every day might not just get you in trouble at work or school, but also create issues with your health. In order to maintain an optimum circadian rhythm, the Sound Oasis Wake-up Light Alarm Clock is probably the best option. However, if you really need some shaking to get out of bed, consider the Mobile Alarm or Sonic Alert SBB500SS Sonic Bomb.

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