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Cool and Useful Multi-Tools

Fixing things which requires various tools can be a bit tiring. Using one tool, and putting it down to use another tool, and then realizing you need to use it so you’ll get it again from the toolbox. However, that won’t be a problem anymore. If you have a job or just a hobby which requires you to use various and different tools, there is now a thing called multi-tools. It is a tool which has various purposes and functions. Check out these cool and useful multi-tools which will make fixing things a lot easier.

Pocket Size Multi-Tool


Pocket Size Multi-Tool


This handy and portable tool features 20 incredible tools which includes: a quick-release carabiner, a bottle opener, a cutting blade, a large flat screwdriver, a medium flat screwdriver, a small flat screwdriver, a 14mm spanner and wrench, a 12mm spanner and wrench, a 10mm spanner and wrench, an 8mm spanner and wrench, a 6mm spanner and wrench, a bicycle spoke wrench, a measuring ruler, a wire stripper, a nail cleaner, a box cutter, a pry bar and a file.

This tool is made from stainless steel which is coated with black titanium, while its rotating tool disc is coated with gold titanium. You find all the essential tools with this one clever and nifty gizmo.


12-In-1 Multi-Tool Scissors




How many scissors can provide you with other uses than cutting? Just quite a handful, but this 12-in-1 Multi-Tool Scissors has something special in them. While other scissors have one or a couple of other functions, this pair of scissors has a total of 12 functions, as the name suggests.

This compact all-around tool features: a pair of scissors, a nutcracker, a jar wrench, a wire cutter and wire stripper, a screwdriver, a magnet, a can opener, a fish scale remover, a bottle opener, a wrench and a knife. It can easily fit in your bag or in your pocket. This is the perfect tool whenever you go camping or fishing. If you are interested, check out the other details of this wonderful product on Amazon.


Key Ring Multi-Tool Scissors



Aside from dealing with the usual cutting needs, this pair of keyring scissors also functions as a bottle opener as well as small and large screwdrivers. As it can be attached to a zipper, this tool is easily visible so you can use it easily when you need it. Just pull the quick release pin and the scissors are ready to use. This tool features a pair of sharp and serrated blades intended for quick use.


Snowflake Shaped Multi-Tool


Snowflake Shaped Multi-Tool


This uniquely-shaped tool was originally designed and intended to an all-around tool for snowboarders. But it was eventually found to be more useful than just a tool useful only for tightening bindings while on the snowy slopes. It features a multitude of uses — 15 in all — and it is a great combination of aesthetics and functionality that it is a great addition to any keychain or backpack.


Crab Multi-Tool


Crab Multi-Tool


Unlike other crabs that threaten to snap your fingers if you try to intrude them, this “crab” just wants to extend a helping claw, er, hand. The “shell” or case is made of durable beechwood which houses six fold-out tools: a pair of scissors, a 3/16 flat-head screwdriver, a bottle opener, a can opener, a small knife and a rope saw. All of these tools are made of stainless steel that ensure durability.

Take this “crab” with you anywhere you go, and you won’t have to feel crabby the next time you’re in a problem or situation where you need rudimentary tools the most.


Modular Multi-Tool Key Holder


Modular Multi-Tool Key Holder


With this key organizer, no more annoying sound of the jingling keys from your bulky keychain, and no more chances to fix loosening keys or find lost keys. This EDC modular key organizer is highly customizable, streamlining your key gear and most essential personal items into one single and stylish tool that is small enough to fit into your pocket.

This multi-tool key holder is designed to hold any type of existing keys, and assembling is quick and easy.


Multi-Tool Axe Head


Multi-Tool Axe Head

This multi-tool axe head has been the talk of the knife and axe community because this is not just an ordinary axe, because the axe head has several other uses aside from chopping wood and felling trees. This stainless steel, shock-absorbing axe haead can also be used as a hammer, carabiner, ruler, bottle opener, wrench, hex driver, and many others. Lumberjacks in particular will be pleased by this axe head, which also comes with a handle.


These cool and useful multi-tools not only help you keep your tools organized, but also have various functions.


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