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Being properly equipped is what productive living is all about. Owning and maintaining an essential set of useful tools is the key to the productivity kingdom. Tools help us complete our tasks easily and in short amount of time. Check out these cool and useful tools.

Professional Tech Toolkit


Professional Tech Toolkit


For your electronic and tech repairing needs, we’re sure you’re going to consider this Professional Tool Kit as indispensable. This amazing kit offers 72 tools including lots of screwdrivers, making driving and removing screws from your laptops, cameras, smartphones and tablets a lot easier.

It also includes a utility knife, SIM card ejector pin, LCD suction cup, metal spudger, a ruler, ESD tweezers, an anti-static wrist strap and a lot more. These tools are made from high-quality stainless steel that makes them durable and ensures repeated uses.


Self-Marking Tape Measure


This self-marking tape measure is an updated version of your ordinary tape measure. You will never be looking for a pencil again as it has its own built-in pencil! This 25-feet measuring tape lets you mark the surface as you measure it. Using this tool, you will be able to tackle your projects in half the time and effort. See how fast and efficient you will become with this nifty tool.



Liquid Plastic Welder


Liquid Plastic Welder


This gadget is not a glue. Rather, it is a liquid plastic welder which is 100% water- and heat-resistant. It also has a built-in LED UV light with easy press button. When the clear liquid plastic is exposed to intense UV light, it hardens in just a matter of seconds. This liquid plastic welder is perfect for patching and fixing any small holes and tears, and of course, it’s also great in binding things together.


Easy Log Splitting Axe



This axe has been given a new re-design by reducing it weight by a pound, thus becoming more accessible to wood choppers of any age or gender. It can split firewood of almost any type of wood and diameter. This axe’s truly unique and innovative design allows a levering action as it penetrates into the wood. It also features a safety hook which works as a sort of a brake, stopping the axe on top of the wood and preventing it from going elsewhere.


Digital Tape Measure


Digital Tape Measure


This is the original tape measure, which is designed as rugged, durable, weather-resistant and is made of poly carbonate plastic. It has 3 memory functions: short term measurement hold, and a 2 long term memories.

By utilizing the digital tape measure, help keep human errors to a minimum during your next home improvement project. This tool makes measuring a breeze as it displays accurate readings on its digital screen that can be set to either US or metric units.


2-In-1 Switch Drill & Driver



This 2-in-1 Switch Drill & Driver is a cordless handheld power tool which runs on 20V batteries, so you can take it whenever you are performing indoor or outdoor work and repairs.

It features rotating dual chucks which allows you to switch between bit pairings on the switchdriver drill quicker than ever. No more “screwing up” (pardon the pun) for loose bits. Compact, lightweight and easy to use, it also features an electronic torque control which prevents the screws from stripping. Along with the two-speed motor, this tool can tackle all driving and drilling jobs. This unit comes with a battery and charger.


High Performance Gravity Hook


High Performance Gravity Hook

This gravity hook has a multitude of functions. It can be a grappling hook for climbing, a weapon used for emergencies, a stow on the back pack and a lot more. This stainless steel hook is a combination of a mechanical claw and a grappling hook. Its jaws is forced open by gravity when it is touched down, and it closes around anything it has picked, when it is lifted.

You can tie the hook’s “shackle” at the bottom with any string or rope, drop the hook and pick up anything you want!


Leaf Scooper Claws



Raking, gathering and picking fallen leaves and disposing of them is quite a chore. Depending on how much leaves you have to gather, this can be a time-consuming work. With these Leaf Scooper Claws, gathering, transporting and disposing of leaves, mulch and other debris have never been much easier. They are perfectly sized to fit all trash cans and yard bags because of their closed scoop design, which prevents waste from slipping out. This is a one-size-fits all tool, so anyone can take the job!


Flexible Drill Bit Extender



This flexible drill bit extender extends reach up to 12 inches making those impossible jobs possible. As seen on TV, this extender features durable 12” body, bends in any direction for getting into those hard-to-reach and tight places. It also attaches quickly and easily to power drills, and is perfect for plumbing, automotive and home repair jobs. It also includes universal extender, ratchet tool and 6 circular driver heads.

Using this flexible drill bit extender, complete jobs in hard to reach areas with tremendous ease. This handy little add-on features a tough yet flexible stainless design that you can bend up to 90 degrees in any direction.


One-Handed Marking Tape Measure




Let’s admit it — there’s never much innovation going on with measuring tapes, or so we thought. Until the One-Handed Marking Tape Measure came along and we’re so glad that it did.

This tape measure is like no other as it features a versatile locking clamp which can hold any marker — pencils, pens or even Sharpies — and you’re on your way to create precise marks. You can do them with even just one hand! Apart from marking straight lines, this tool can also mark arcs and circles.


The Manual Chainsaw



This manual chainsaw is ideal for anything that stands on your way — any tree, big branch or a stump. This pocket chainsaw makes it an essential and indispensable companion while camping, backpacking or doing any other outdoor activities. It relies on nothing but raw power from your arms, but it also has double-cutting teeth on each major link that provide an effortless and efficient cutting in both directions. The chains themselves are made of heat-treated high carbon steel which is ideal for making blades and specifically developed to withstand harsh conditions.


Electric Snow Thrower


Electric Snow Thrower


Shoveling snow is a long, hard and often agonizing chore. But using this Electric Snow Thrower cuts the work by half by tackling even the deepest snow, as this tool can get rid of snow up to 18 inches wide and almost eight feet deep. It uses a powerful 13.5 amp engine which produces 2000 RPM to blow all of the snow up to 10 feet away and 20 feet high.

The chute is highly adjustable and rotates a complete 180 degrees to control the snow’s direction, and that can be done by just a turn of the crank.

This tool is ideal for clearing driveways, walkways or any other pathways that are inundated by deep snow. Now you don’t have to do backbreaking shoveling work with the Electric Snow Thrower.


Isocore Hammer


Isocore Hammer


This hammer is ideal for driving nails in a wide range of jobs on the job site or during repair work in the house. Its manufacturer incorporates its patented IsoCore Shock Control System to minimize shock and vibration by four times. It comes with a full warranty.


Harm-Free Spider Catcher



We know that you hate house pests such as spiders and you want to get rid of them, but you otherwise hesitate to swat them because your conscience bugs you. But with the Harm-Free Spider Catcher, no need to feel guilty because it catches creepy arachnids (like spiders) as well as insects without killing them. You just trap these little creatures from a safe distance, and take them outside… preferably far, far away from your house.


Bottle Cutter



You need a formidable helping hand when cutting a bottle, so this tool should be your ultimate bottle cutter! The cutting wheel itself is constructed from high-quality tungsten carbide steel that can withstand up to 200 cuts, while the tool itself can fit to round bottles with a circumference between 43mm and 102mm. If you’re looking for the perfect accessory for making utilitarian as well as decorative materials that involve bottle or glass cutting, this tool should be it!

Finish your tasks easily and in short amount of time using these cool and useful tools.


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