Cool Car Accessories

Having a car means maintaining and taking care of it and also having some fun as well. With the car accessories detailed below, you can have a lot more enjoyment with your car. They would also make for a safer drive, so keep on reading:

You Shall Not Pass Car Sticker


You Shall Not Pass Car Sticker


If you’re a fantasy geek, this Gandalf sticker should be an enjoyable addition to your vehicle. This sticker is made of die-cut vinyl and is good for up to 5 years in the outdoors. It would make for a few laughs on the road and can come in any color to match your ride.


AGPtek® 45x11cm Sound Music Activated Car Stickers Equalizer


AGPtek® 45x11cm Sound Music Activated Car Stickers Equalizer

You can make your car fancy without much investment by adding accessories like this car sticker equalizer. The sheet thickness here will save space, while the device itself consumes very little energy. All you have to do is plug it into the car power socket and let the blue LED lights flash around in time to the music from your stereo.



Chewbacca Seatbelt Cover


Chewbacca Seatbelt Cover


Many people are fans of Star Wars, so this Chewbacca seat belt would certainly appeal to them. It’s made from quality vinyl of the marine variety and is UV resistant. The fur is synthetic, so you can easily wash the belt when it gets a bit dirty.  The Velcro strap makes for easy installation and removal as and when you want it. There’s even a padded back for a comfortable experience.


Automobile Health Monitor


Automobile Health Monitor


Your ‘check engine’ lights might mean anything, but this automobile health monitor will try to break it down for you. This sensor can plug right into a car dashboard and send alert to the smartphone. This way, you can understand what’s wrong with your car in layman terms.

You’ll also get car maintenance reminders and the ability to track other devices. This would make an excellent gift for anyone with their own car.


360 Degree Radar Detector



When you have this radar detector in your car, you can avoid getting trouble on the road. It would also be a great gift for new drivers or learners. This device has two antennas that scan the area for red lights, speed cameras, and other risks. It also comes with a database already full of such information.

This patented technology allows you to hear only those alerts that would benefit your drive. These warnings are voice-based, meaning that you can keep both hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. What’s more, you can back up the data and keep your software updated through connecting the device with your computer.


Automobile Heads Up Display



Smart cars might be extremely expensive, but you can get partway there by putting this Heads Up display in your current vehicle. This device mounts on your dashboard in a discreet fashion. Once installed, it would give you driving information such as average fuel usage, speed, and mileage displayed right on the windshield.

This technology can also o away with any reflections and make the display sharper than ever. You can program almost any kind of data to come on the screen for you, as long as it relates to your car. When you turn the car’s engine off, this device will automatically shut down with it. As an added bonus, you can also adjust the brightness of your windshield in order to safely drive without glare.


Smart Car Charger And Locator


Smart Car Charger And Locator


This is another device that can upgrade your car and bring it into the future. This smart car charger plus locator is a device designed in Germany. It can easily fit inside your car’s power socket. There’s also a dual USB port and compatibility with both Android and iOS.

With such a device, you can easily charge your smartphones, tablets, or other necessities straight from the car itself. What’s even better is that there’s an app included which can help you find your car in crowded parking areas. The charging device itself lasts twice as long as a regular car charger, so you know there’s a good investment here.


App Controlled Garage Door Opener


App Controlled Garage Door Opener


Opening or closing your garage door no longer requires you getting out of the car or remembering the remote each time. This garage door opener is integrated on any IP camera you may already have. It can then give you updates about when the door is opening or closing when you’re not at home.

You can also operate the door itself right from your smartphone. This way, you don’t have to remember anything extra, but can have access to your home quickly and easily.


Mesh Car/Trunk Organizer



When you have a large family, it’s often hard to get every in the car. With this mesh organizer, though, you can easily get even heavy objects strapped in safely. It also provides the option of seeing what’s inside due to the see-through fabric.

The organize is available in black or beige and can mount on a car headrest. This way, you can keep any spare clothes, food, or toys handy for your kids on a long drive.


Portable Seat Partition




Everyone needs their own space, especially when on road trips or traveling by any other means. Unfortunately, cramped cars and full airplanes usually don’t’ make for comfortable seating, let alone a bit of privacy. With this portable seat partition, though, you can have your personal space whenever you want. When folded, it’s the shape of a book and easily portable.

All you have to do is place this partition between you and the person on the next seat. Whether you’re in an airplane or a car, this contraption will reduce stress, allow you to get some work done, or have a nap without disturbing anyone of getting disturbed.


Steering Wheel Tray




If you have to eat in your car, you should do it in a proper manner. This steering wheel tray is made of durable plastic and has a cup holder, pen slot, and a suitable flat area for your meal.

You can also use this tray for placing some snacks, a notebook, or a drink. It would be a perfect addition to a family car where children can easily knock food or drinks over


Car Seat Gap Catcher



The space between your car seats can become a catch-all for any kind of debris. This could include toys, phones, and even food, creating a sticky mess along with inconvenience. With this car seat gap catcher, you can easily retrieve anything that falls into this space without digging around.

No matter what kind of car you have, this catcher will fit in between its seats. You can even attach it to the seat belt catch through the inbuilt slot It also moves with the seat, so you don’t have to move or readjust it.


Many of these car accessories are a lot of fun and useful to boot. If we had to choose a couple out of the selection above, however, the Automobile Health Tracker and the Car Seat Gap Catcher are probably the two most logical choices. These would give us a lot of value and be of great help in every car situations.

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