Cool Ice Cream and Dessert Accessories

Everyone loves dessert! However, the process of making it might take some time and could get you a little bit messy. Check out these cool cream and dessert accessories, which will make you want to eat or bake desserts at this very moment. Not only these accessories look cool, it will also help you make dessert easier and finish it in just a small amount of time.

No Mess Ice Cream Holder


No Mess Ice Cream Holder


This is great for parties or when traveling, as it prevents the ice cream or any frozen treats on a stick from dripping onto your kids’ clothes. It catches the dripping ice cream as it melts. It can hold ice cream cones of several sizes and variety and saves parents time and effort from cleaning up puddles of melted desserts.



Heart Filled Cake Pan Set





This heart cake pan set makes your cakes extra special especially for certain occasions like Valentine’s Day, weddings, wedding anniversaries, monthsaries, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc. Basically, what this cake pan does is to create a “surprise” heart at the core of the cake, where you can load with your preferred filling — buttercream frosting, ice cream, custard, Jell-O, M&M’s, etc. It comes complete with decorating instructions.

Give your cake an extra dose of love by using this wonderful cake pan set.


Kickball Ice Cream Maker


Kickball Ice Cream Maker


Add some fun to just about any outdoor events like birthday parties, barbecue parties, picnics or camping trips with this kickball ice cream maker. Just add natural ingredients in the kickball, as like cream, sugar, and vanilla in one end of the ice cream ball and add ice and rock salt in the other end. These ice cream balls are easy and fun to to use, just mix in the ingredients, then shake, roll and play your way to a pint or a quart of delicious ice cream in about 20-30 minutes.

Make delicious, homemade ice cream anywhere with this ice cream ball. Constructed from durable food-safe, BPA materials, this product is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.



The Ice Creamery Cookbook



This cookbook features more than 40 tempting recipes for a wide range of frozen dessert from the traditional to the unexpected. With tips for using either homemade or store-bought ingredients to personalize your desserts; delicious sauce cones, and toppings, creative serving options and inspired mix-and-match suggestions, the possibilities are endless.

Learn to make masterful desserts with this ice creamery cookbook.


Nostalgia MDF200 Automatic Mini Donut Factory


Nostalgia MDF200 Automatic Mini Donut Factory

This product brings the doughnut shop to your own kitchen! Make hot, fresh and perfectly fried mini doughnuts in the comfort of your own home. Fill the hopper with the doughnut batter and switch the machine on. Just watch as the doughnuts are being dispensed into the hot oil and then go down the doughnut slide. It takes about 90 seconds to make one doughnut. You don’t even have to flip the doughnuts as this unit also comes with an automatic flipping mechanism. Easy, isn’t it?


Gummy Bear Silicone Mold


Gummy Bear Silicone Mold


Want to be Willy Wonka in your own kitchen? Make those yummy gummy bears with this gummy bear silicone mold! Made from high quality, BPA-free and FDA-approved silicone material, this flexible mold allows you to make your own gummy bears without worrying about unwanted additives, preservatives and unhealthy chemicals.


Zoo Animals Popsicle Molds


Zoo Animals Popsicle Molds


Make a zoo of frosty treats in your freezer which are fun and easy to make. Just fill the three dimensional molds with your favorite fruit juice or liquid, then insert the penguin handles and freeze for at least six hours. Finally, unhinge the molds and release the Zoo Pops.

The molds are easy to fill and clean and can also be used to create exotic looking frozen treats in the shape of a monkey, lion, polar bear and elephant!


Hemisphere Cake Mold


Hemisphere Cake Mold


Domed cakes are becoming popular these days, and if you want to make your half-domed cake creations, this Hemisphere Ball Cake Pan set is definitely for you! This set consists of three reusable aluminum cake pans of different sizes (4″, 5″ and 8″), allowing you to create perfectly sized half-domed cakes for sci-fi and sports-themed parties.


Chocolate Spoons Mold



Getting annoyed at chocolates stuck in your molds? These chocolate spoon molds will take the chunk of that burden! These molds are made of silicone so they’re flexible and easy to bend, making popping out your chocolate-y creations more easily, without cracking or breaking them. They can also be used for cream cheeses, jellies, fondants, ice cream and even non-food items like soap and beauty bars. They are made of FDA-grade silicone material, easy to clean and dishwasher-friendly.


Ice Cream Sandwich Maker



Enjoy and easily craft a classic ice cream sandwiches at home with this product. Just use the included tool to scoop and spread ice cream into maker. The silicone casing makes clean-up quick and easy. Feel the summer heat  while assembling the ice cream sandwiches of your childhood dreams. This products lets you make four sandwiches at once.

Enjoy a savory ice cream sandwich using this special mold which comes with an easy to follow recipe and features a convenient design that lets you pop them out like ice cubes.



Cupcake Corer


This hand-held cupcake corer makes cutting a hole in your cupcakes definitely a breeze! What makes this tool easier to use is its soft, non-slip grip which makes cutting less of a pain, even when done repetitively. Use this corer to cut a hole in the center of the cupcake and load it with yummy fillings. Kids can also use this corer, and they will find it actually fun to use. Parts of the cupcake can be detached for cleaning (this is also dishwasher-safe).


Ice Cream Cooling Bowl



Hate to see your ice cream melting into a puddle? This ice cream cooling bowl will prevent your ice cream to turn into a gooey mess! Just put the ice cream cooling bowl into the freezer for at least four hours, take it out, and put dump your favorite ice cream into the bowl in as many scoops as you like. This ice cream cooling bowl will keep the ice cream stay frozen, allowing you to enjoy its icy goodness!

What’s the secret of this product? Well, it comes with the manufacturer’s proprietary cooling gel, which was precisely developed and engineered to give your ice cream the ideal temperature for several hours.


Instant Ice Cream Maker




“Fried” or rolled ice cream are trending these days, and you can see them in your foodie friends’ social media feeds. Why go out and buy fried ice cream when you can make it in the comfort of your own home? With this instant ice cream maker, it allows you to choose your preferred ingredients. If you want to make a healthier version of ice cream, frozen yogurt or sorbet, you can also do them with this literally cool kitchen gadget.

Simply pour your ingredients onto the frozen surface, mix them all together, scrape and roll your finished frozen delight with a plastic spatula. This ice cream maker’s surface freezes fast so in just a matter of seconds your ice cream is all done and you’re ready to enjoy it! You can also make gelato and margarita as well.


Multi-Color Swirl Icing Coupler




With this multi-color swirl icing coupler, you can create colorful decorations in three color designs, and is perfect for cupcakes. By using this multi-color swirl icing coupler, make your homemade treats look more mouth-watering than ever before. This product lets you effortlessly create professional looking multi-color swirls.


These cool ice cream and dessert accessories are perfect for everyone who has a sweet tooth. These accessories greatly improve the look and taste of your favorite desserts.

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