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If you’re into robots and drones, you too probably can’t wait for the day you can go to the store and buy a robot to clean your house or do anything you want.  Technology is getting better all the time and more advanced. In fact, a lot of high-tech companies have already come out with a lot of excellent and impressive drones and robots. From the looks of it, they’re telling you that the future is already here! Check out these cool robots and drones that you might be interested in.

Remote Control Flying Bionic Bird



This cool flying bionic bird drone is obviously inspired by the rubber band flying bird that you may have played during your childhood. It is connected by Bluetooth and controlled by your smartphone or tablet. It only takes a 12-minute charge to get it soaring at a range of 350 feet in eight minutes of flight. This bird weighs 0.33 ounces and is made from an ultra-lightweight but durable foam body and carbon fiber tail and wings.


Drone Landing Raft System



This landing raft system enables your precious drones to confidently land on water, and also on snow, rocks, sand, sloped terrains and tall grasses, among many others. It just takes about a minute to assemble and install. This landing raft system is made up of lightweight (300 grams) but durable polymers, among other parts.


Samsung Smart Robot Vacuum


Samsung Smart Robot Vacuum


The Samsung smart robot vacuum is surely poised to please every household who needs a little help with the cleaning. It is connected via WiFi and delivers suction power which is 40 times of that of your regular vacuum. It also features built-in sensors which helps it to detect and avoid something that gets in its way. You can also control it via your phone or your voice. That’s the best thing about this robot vacuum — give it a command to keep your floor clean and you won’t hear any whining from it.


3DR SmartDrone Quadcopter


3DR SmartDrone Quadcopter

This product is perfect for aspiring videographer who dreams of taking professional-level shots and videos. This quadcopter is highly recommended for beginners mainly because it is simple and easy to use.

This 3DR SmartDrone Quadcopter is the first drone which is powered by two 1 GHz computers, and it is the only drone to stream live HD video from GoPro which is directed to iOS or android devices.

By using this 3DR SmartDrone quadcopter, you can get a bird’s eye view of your surroundings by soaring the skies. This drone is powered by two 1 GHz CPUs which includes features like push button flight and computer assisted shots so anyone can capture the best footage possible



Mopping Robot


Mopping Robot


You will be thankful that this mopping robot will come to save you from back-breaking mopping. It can sweep and mop, and also features a precision jet spray and a vibrating cleaning head to tackle the most stubborn dirt and stains.


Air Powered Racer Kit


Air Powered Racer Kit


The great thing about this racer kit is that it requires no power, batteries or fuel. All it takes is compressed air to get it running. This kit is a great and fun introduction for anyone who wants to learn about alternative energy and the basics of propulsion by using compressed air. It also features a pump-up bar with pressure meter for no-sweat operation.


R/C Toyota Land Cruiser Kit


R/C Toyota Land Cruiser Kit


This remote control Toyota Land Cruiser Kit enables you to conquer these impossibly rough and rocky terrains in a less risky and more enjoyable way. This true-to-scale Land Cruiser was constructed of high-grade materials (which include polycarbonate) built on a newly-developed CR-01 chassis and features a 4-link suspension with aluminum rods. Guaranteed durable and safe, not to mention hours of fun.


App Controlled Personal Robot


Meccano Personal Robot


The future has arrived in the form of this personal robot. This app controlled personal robot stands at 4 feet tall and features a fully articulated limbs which is powered by 10 motors in order to create life-like movement so that you can control using your smartphone.


Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Robot With Companion App


Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Robot


If you’re looking for something beyond the ordinary toy, this star wars first order stormtrooper robot with companion app is perfect for you. This app uses facial recognition software to identify up to three persons. Aside from that, this pint-sized robot can also be programmed to understand voice commands and it also uses the augmented reality when you use its companion app.

Rule the galaxy with this first order stormtrooper robot with companion app which has cutting-edge features such as AR app experience, voice command, facial recognition, and sentry patrolling capabilities.


The Ultimate Arduino Starter Kit


The Ultimate Arduino Starter Kit

This starter kit is perfect for anyone interested in robotics but doesn’t have prior programming or coding experience. This kit includes the genuine Arduino Uno Rev3 Board, over 190 electronic parts and components, and a 72-page full-color instruction handbook that introduces you to the world of Arduino and it also provides clear step-by-step tutorials on how to use every part and component.

By using this Arduino starter kit, you can learn the basics of coding and electronics with ease. This features over 190 electronic parts and components in addition to a 72-page manual at your disposal.

Make your daily tasks easier or just hanging out with friends fun with these cool robot and drone technology products.


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