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Cool Shoot and Throw Toys


People love playing games, especially when they’re with their closest friends or relatives. These cool shot and throw toys could add fun during family gathering or outing with friends. These are great toys if you have a wide space or want to play games which involve running around.


Bioluminescent Water Gun


Bioluminescent Water Gun


This product is the world’s first water blaster which blasts bioluminescent glowing water. This includes SplashLight and a special bioluminescent fuel called ReLume, so all you have to do is add water to be able to blast water that lights up on its own. The two ingredients of ReLume are loaded into the two chambers of the SplashLight, the natural ingredients are kept separate so when you pull the trigger, the water from the two chambers comes together and produce an amazing and bright bioluminescent reaction.

This bioluminescent glowing water blaster includes 2 SplashLights which can fire up to 12 ft and 200 shots, each. This toy is inspired by bioluminescence found in nature and the manufacturer’s way to bring the wonder of natural light your backyard. This is a great toy to use at night, so gather your friends and play with this bioluminescent glowing water blaster!


Paintball Bow


Paintball Bow


If you want a totally different action in your real-life combat play, this cool paintball bow might be the toy for you! It combines your two favorite sports — archery and paintball — into one exciting toy! But instead of CO2 or compressed air, this paintball bow is powered by your own hand, it’s almost the same way you do when you thrust arrows with a bow! It works by a piston which is connected to the bowstring. When the piston is completely drawn and released, it starts to build up pressure, which drives the paintball through the barrel and towards your opponent.


Bottle Launcher


Bottle Launcher


What can you do with these empty ordinary soda bottles? Well, launch them like a rocket! Yes, that’s possible with the Aquapod Bottle Launcher. Using this launcher, propel your empty regular 2-liter soda bottle and watch it fly up to 100 feet in the air!

The launcher itself is solid and durable (so no need to worry if it might fly along with the bottle!) and features a built-in pressure release safety valve. It is absolutely safe to use! It’s a great way to introduce yourself to basics of STEM while having fun at the same time.


Open Hand Fireball Launcher


Open Hand Fireball Launcher

Have you and your friends ever wanted to shoot fireballs from your hands? With this product, your dreams of throwing fireballs like an anime or from your favorite video game will come into reality!

This product gives the illusion of shooting fireballs, as far as 10 feet in the air, from your hands. You just have to wear this fireball launcher in your wrist like a watch, and start shooting fireballs.


NERF Mega Mastodon Blaster




The first-ever motorized Nerf blaster is for serious Nerf users! It features a 24-dart rotating drum and 24 Mega Whistler darts. No matter how far your opponents may be you can fire them up to 30 meters (100 feet). The most powerful Nerf blaster ever, just yet!


The Pocket Shot Arrow Kit (BLACK)


Pocket Shot Arrow Slingshot

Practice and have fun with your archery skills with this very handy pocket shot arrow slingshot! You don’t have to carry a bow and arrow and still have a blast shooting those arrows! It comes in four easy-to-assemble individual pieces and allows you to fire small arrows of up to 140 feet per second!


Throwable Paint Balls




This kit brings double the fun to your playtime — make your own paintballs by mixing the colors of your choice, then throw them to your playmates and watch them getting splattered with colorful paints! These hand-thrown paintballs are non-toxic, biodegradable and harmless. They are also safe and environmentally-friendly as they are made from vegan and cosmetic dyes


Paintball Arrow Gun


Paintball Arrow Gun


This paintball arrow gun is mounted to a marker which enables you to silently take down the opposing team with extreme accuracy. It has a diamond infinite edge bow, which is considered as the most unique marker.

With this paintball arrow gun, you can ensure victory among y our friends by taking them out one by one with brutal accuracy using this gun.


Take your games to next level by using these cool shot and shot throw toys, which will sure add fun to your gathering.

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