Fun and Silly Candy and Treats

Candies are for all people of all ages. Everyone loves them, particularly during the Halloween season. It would be really nice to give out candies and other sweet treats that do not only taste great but look funny too… something that will make the kids and neighborhoods laugh.

The Simpsons Flaming Moe Energy Drink



After years of wondering what Moe’s signature drink tastes like, now it’s your chance to try it! This fun novelty energy drink has a nice cotton candy sweetness.


Pickle Flavored Ice Pops


Pickle Flavored Ice Pops


If you are not too pickle, you can enjoy these pickle pops! Enjoy this box of 48 individual popsicles that are made with only natural pickle juice, which is rich in vitamins and minerals and is a great thirst-quencher!


Edible Candy Cane Shot Glasses




Not into alcoholic drinks? Or you want to sweeten up your booze a bit? These edible candy cane shot glasses will help improve the taste of any alcoholic drinks. These eye-popping peppermint-flavored shot glasses can fill a 1.76 ounce of drink.


Bag Of Unicorn Farts



Aaaahhh… you don’t mind being farted by the unicorn. In fact, you would even love to eat those farts! Humor your friend, your relatives, your significant other or someone you know who is crazy over unicorns with these bag of unicorn farts (actually, they are cotton candies).


Edible Dehydrated Zebra Tarantulas


If you are an adventurous snacker ala Andrew Zimmern, you won’t hesitate to try these tasty edible dehydrated zebra tarantula morsels! Guaranteed natural as they have contain no artificial coloring and flavoring. They are not deep-fried as well. It’s a rich source of protein! A perfect gift for yourself or for someone you know who loves (and hates) arachnids!



Solar System Lollipops



These out-of-these world sweet treats are the perfect gifts for every science geek. Individually wrapped, all of these lollipops represent the nine planets of the solar system plus the Sun. Do you have a favorite planet? Pick one and lick it!


Geode Cookies




Geodes are dazzling geological wonders. In fact, there are cakes, cupcakes and many other sweet treats that are inspired by geodes. These geode cookies look quite realistic as if they’re actual split rocks. In fact, they are too beautiful to eat, that you may want to make them into trinkets! But trust us, these cookies taste as goooood as they look! The center consists of hard candy.


3D Planet Lollipops


3D Planet Lollipops


While indulging on one of these 3D planet lollipops, you can marvel at the majesty of the cosmos. Each lollipop in this six piece set features a cool three dimensional image of a planet in our cosmic neighborhood against a marvelous space themed backdrop.


Candy Cigarettes



That would be perhaps the only vice that we can only approve — chomping on candy cigarettes! With these sweet cigs, look cool without the smoke… and without getting a risk of having lung cancer.


Edible Stick On Eyes



Give your kids a healthy snack by anthropomorphizing them with a pair of edible stick on eyes. These completely edible googley eye come in a set which features a variety of entertaining expressions that make eating a delight.

Bring fun to your neighborhood during trick-or-treat nights by giving kids these fun and silly candy treats.

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