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Fun and Silly Decor Ideas

House decorations will surely catch the attention of your guests every time you host an event in your house, or the decorations could also light up your house. There a lot of decoration ideas to choose from, some are cool, some are unique. But check out these Fun and Silly Decor Ideas which will surely add fun to your home.

Poop Emoji Pillow


Poop Emoji Pillow


Now you can cuddle your favorite poop emoji — literally, that is! This soft and adorable poop smiley emoji pillow is guaranteed to instantly put a smile on your on your face. It can be a pillow or it can be plush toy, depending on your preference.


Shark Attack Blanket


Shark Attack Blanket


Let your child imagine they are the fiercest predator in the sea or simply a fish among the fleet with this Shark Attack Blanket. The blanket tails are made from premium-grade, double-sided minky  fabric with embellishments which will make any child feel adventurous while they are lounging about. This shark attack blanket is perfect for movie nights, sleepover, camping, road trips and just hanging out with friends and family.

Don’t settle for a boring, normal blanket when you could have this shark attack blanket, which was made with extra-plush and was designed for shark enthusiasts ages 12 and older who are at least 5 feet tall.

Who would have ever thought being bitten by a great white could feel so good? This shark attack blanket creates the illusion you’re being eaten alive when you wrap yourself up.


Paint Tube Door Stop


Paint Tube Door Stop

This paint tube door stop is a practical and fun tool which keeps the door open and prevents it from banging against the wall. Plus, it’s no ordinary-looking door stop, it’s cute.

When you first look at it, it may look like someone has left a paint tube at the doorway and a glob of paint has spilled on the floor after it has been accidentally squeezed out by the door’s weight, but it’s actually a door stop.

Unlike the actual paint tube which is made of lighter materials such as aluminum, this product is made from highly durable plastic, so it won’t dislodge or gets knocked loose as the door opens and closes. It’s functional as it is creative and funny, and this tool is a fun and colorful addition to your home or your studio.

Add a little color to your home studio easily using these paint tube door stops. This doorstop’s creative design creates the illusion that a glob of paint has spilled onto the floor after being squeezed out of the tube by the weight of the door.


His And Hers Duvet




Put a little humor to your couple’s bedroom with this duvet cover. It is easily removable and features a concealed zipper. Made purely from cotton, this duvet can be easily washed, as well. Available only in queen size, this novelty duvet features a design which splits the bed evenly between you and your partner.


Crochet Mermaid Tail Blanket


Crochet Mermaid Tail Blanket


This beautiful crochet mermaid tail blanket is also portable as it can be used anywhere aside from the bedroom. If your little girl wants to live out her mermaid fantasies, this is the perfect gift for her! This is a great blanket to use especially during the colder autumn and winter seasons, as this soft crocheted mermaid blanket keeps the feet warm and comfy. It is available in a wide range of beautiful colors and sizes.


11-Foot Teddy Bear




This enormous teddy bear will make anyone happy, whether they be kids or kids-at-heart. Made with the finest products and workmanship, the 11-foot teddy bear always wear a happy, smiling countenance that will easily put anyone into good mood. Its size, softness and fluffiness makes it a perfect snuggling companion. A literally “great” gift idea for all occasions — birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, mother’s day, Christmas, New Year, etc.


Crystal Skull Door Knob


Crystal Skull Door Knob


Give your lovely home a subtle touch of death and decay with this crystal skull door knob. This is designed to look like a perfectly polished tiny human skull, and this grim door knob makes the perfect accent piece for a modern With Doctor’s home or office.

Get this unique crystal skull door knob to your house which you can enjoy just watching it.


Super Mario Bros. Magnet Set




Add some fun factor to your kitchen with these Super Mario-themed magnet set. You can live out your own Super Mario kingdom fantasies with this magnet set which consists of items and characters from the original Super Mario Bros. Famicom game: Mario, Luigi, mushrooms, coins, bricks, sewage pipes, hills and even their adversaries such as turtles and Little Goombas.

“Level-up” by personalizing your fridge with these cute magnet pieces, especially if you’re a Super Mario/Nintendo geek.


Glow In The Dark Pebbles


Glow In The Dark Pebbles


Give your front yard or backyard a little magic at night — but not using electric lights! Instead, snap up those unique glow-in-the-dark pebbles that are made from high-quality poly resin. These pebbles give off a beautiful iridescent glow in the evening and the effect can last up to about two to three hours after a full exposure to sunlight. They can light up your flower bed, garden path, ponds, swimming pools, etc, and are weather-resistant. Each set has 100 pebbles.

Get some of these fun and silly decor ideas and place it in your house to add a little humor and attraction to your living space.


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