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Fun and Silly Fashion Accessories

Some people love being fashionable and there are lots of people who really go out of their way just to stand out among the crowd. If you want something fun and if you’re looking for something to get you a few laughs, here are some of the fun and silly fashion accessories.

Glow In The Dark Hair Dye


Glow In The Dark Hair Dye


With this glow in the dark hair dye, shine bright in the dead of night by giving yourself a makeover using this hair dye. This hair dye is peroxide and ammonia-free vegan friendly and comes in a range of vibrant colors which come to life under UV lighting.

Stand out during night outs with your friends by using this glow in the dark hair dye.


Wood Stump Slippers


Wood Stump Slippers


Use these wood stump slippers and become one with nature by transforming your feet into big wooden stumps. This slipper is style like two big old wooden stumps, which come filled with cotton and feature fluffy foam sole that makes it seem like you’re walking on clouds.


Glow In The Dark Hair Gel


Glow In The Dark Hair Gel


If you’re looking for a way to stand out, use this glow in the dark hair gel. This hair gel is available in green, yellow, blue and pink. This eccentric gel is easy to apply and is made to glow under UV lighting so your hair really pops.

Stand apart from the crowd by accenting your party getup by using this glow in the dark hair gel.


Pepperoni Pizza Socks




With these pepperoni pizza socks, you can add a little sizzle to your look. These socks feature a vibrant pizza graphic that won’t fade when you wash them. It is also made from a Dri-style fabric which is designed to wick away sweat.

Get some attention from pizza lovers by wearing this pepperoni pizza socks.


Cabbage Umbrella



If you know someone who is a vegetarian, vegan or someone who simply loves cabbage, give this cabbage umbrella as a gift! They will love at how realistic its look is, especially when folded. It’s like having a giant cabbage!


Luxury Combed Cotton “Bring Me Some Wine” Socks




Treat someone special to the perfect gift by giving them this luxury combed   cotton “bring me some wine” socks. These non-slip luxury combed cotton socks are printed with an entertaining message. This could be a perfect way to relay a message that you want to have some wine.


Lion Cat Hat


With this Lion cat hat, you can turn your furry feline friend into a ferocious little lion. This lion mane headpiece is another reason to snap more pictures of your fiercely adorable kitties or make funny cat videos.

This lion cat has an adjustable size which makes it a perfect fit for any average-sized cats. It attaches two side flaps together under your pet’s chin, for a secure and comfortable wear.

With this lion cat hat, you can transform your harmless little feline into a fierce and intimidating king of the jungle. As long as you insist on dressing up your cat with this things he’ll despite, at least make it worth his suffering by choosing this ferocious hat.


Ugly Hanukkah Sweater




By strutting around in this ugly Hanukkah sweater, bring killer style back to the high holidays. This long sleeve shirt comes with a holiday appropriate design depicting some of Hanukkah’s most well know symbols like Menorahs and Dreidels.


Death Countdown Watch


Death Countdown Watch


As what they say, life is short. With the help from the death countdown watch, learn to appreciate what little time you have. This watch utilizes a personal health algorithm along with your health stats to calculate approximately how much time you have left on this incredible planet.


Roller Coaster Costume


Roller Coaster Costume


When you and your closes chums dress up in roller coaster costumes, Halloween is sure to be a wild ride. Once you and your friends are safely strapped into your costumes, it will create the illusion that you’re aboard a thrilling amusement park ride.

Get attention during your Halloween costume party by wearing this roller coaster costume.


Creepy Unicorn Mask


Creepy Unicorn Mask


With the help of this creepy unicorn mask, you can fulfill your dream of becoming a mythical woodland creature. This creepy unicorn mask is so realistically styled that from the moment you put it on, you and everyone lucky enough to come into your presence will undoubtedly be touched by its magic.


Suit Pajamas


Suit Pajamas

By slipping into these Suit Pajamas, you will look and feel like a million bucks every time you go to sleep. This suit pajamas are made from fine silk and cotton and are the officially licensed version of the Suitjamas seen in the series ‘How I met your mother’


Fried Chicken Leg Pants


Fried Chicken Leg Pants


Have you become a bit more obsessed with fried chicken? We’re sure you’ll be happy with this pair of fried chicken leg pants! Just slip these pants, and see your leg being transformed into plump and juicy-looking chicken drumsticks!


Cheeseburger Backpack



While you can’t obviously find the beef in this fun cheeseburger backpack, you can stuff all your essential school or travel gear in it! Every layer of this backpack — buns, lettuce, cheese, and the beef patty — are actually compartments when you unzip them.


RGB LED Glasses




By using these RGB LED glasses, turn heads at any party by lighting up the spot. These colorful RGB glasses let you choose between vibrant pre-loaded patterns, or you can program the glasses with your very own custom colors and patterns.


Octopus Tentacle Ring




With this unique tentacle octopus ring, you will be able to take a piece of the deep ocean with you. This is made from titanium and stainless steel, and is one-size-fits all as it is also adjustable.


Water Gun Umbrellas


Water Gun Umbrellas


By arming yourself with this water gun umbrella, you can now avoid getting soaked during your gun fight with friends. These vibrant water gun umbrella pieces feature an extra-long barrel with a small umbrella at the end that acts like a shield against your opponents.


Pac-Man Suit




By dressing up in this stunning Pac-Man suit, you can make the girls go waka-waka over your impeccable fashion taste. Every square inch of this slim fitting 3-piece Pac-man suit comes adorned with vintage Pac-Man graphics, which features all the characters from the original game.


Yeti Heated Slippers




By putting on these Yeti Heated Slippers, keep your tootsies nice and cozy on the coldest days. These fury yeti heated slippers are extremely soft to the touch and it can be plugged in via USB to keep your toes nice and warm on cold mornings.


Star Wars Electronic Chewbacca Mask



This is going to be a terrific mask, whether you’re a Star Wars fan or you are merely looking for a badass mask for your next Halloween party. What makes this Chewbacca mask is that it features an apparatus under its jaw area that has pre-recorded Wookie sounds, and each time you open your mouth you are making those roaring sounds!


Mermaid Tail Swimsuit



By diving in with this mermaid tail swimsuit, you can move through the water like an enchanting mythical creature. While the design of this swimsuit may render your motionless on land, the huge vibrantly colored fin on this mermaid tail swimsuit will have you swimming faster than ever before.


Plush Ball iPhone Case


Plush Ball iPhone Case


Are you the paranoid type who worries over your iPhone? With this cute and colorful plush ball iPhone case, you can give it the protection it deserves!


Shade Shifter Multichrome Nail Polish




By painting your nails using this shade shifter multichrome nail polish, you can transform your manicure’s appearance instantly. This unique shade shifter changes depending on the way the light hits it, making it appear as red orange, purple, blue, cyan, and many other colors.


MVMT Watches


It is now possible to look stylish and dapper without breaking the bank. There are some cool fashionable clothes and accessories that look like they’ll cost you an arm and a leg. And when you get to look closer at the price tag, you’ll be surprised that they’re something you can actually afford.

MVMT offers a wide range of trendy timepieces for both men and women with surprisingly reasonable and affordable prices to match. They look like truly luxurious branded watches that they make you look like a thousand bucks when you wear them.



Reflective Iridescent Spectrum Shoes



By wearing this reflective iridescent spectrum shoes, turn heads as you run past your competition. These rubber-soled running shoes feature an innovative new reflective material which transforms into a striking colorful pattern under a camera flash or direct sunlight.


Playstation Console Messenger Bag


Playstation Console Messenger Bag


By matching this playstation console messenger bag to your outfit, you can relive your glorious old-school gaming days all over again. This bag features a main storage compartment, zip-up pocket, and adjustable strap.


One-Step Tie-Dye Kit



This tie-dye kit makes creating hippie and psychedelic shirts easier and more fun than ever! It has 18 gorgeous colors in easy-to-squeeze bottles. With this kit, it only takes one step to create the tie-dyed designs that you want!


Folding Ray-Ban Sunglasses


Folding Ray-Ban Sunglasses


You’ll be able to stay stylish and protected from the blinding sun without ever encumbering your purse or pockets with this folding ray-ban sunglasses. It’s the classic Wayfarer glasses that you love with a twist, the frame of this sunglasses fold in half for quick and convenient storage.


Orbitkey Leather Keychain



You can stop your keys from obnoxiously jingling all day long by placing them on this orbitkey leather keychain. This sports a sleek exterior available in various shades, can accommodate up to seven keys. This keychain can also be fitted with a handy bottle opener.


Star Wars Darth Vader Apron


Star Wars Darth Vader Apron

By wearing this apron, you can channel the power of the dark side by avoiding oil splatters, scattered flour and grease stains. With this one-size-fits all and machine-washable apron, you’ve never felt more excited (storm-) trooping into the kitchen. Who knows, you can create some Star Wars-inspired meals someday!


Microwaveable Boots



Keep your feet toasty and nice on cold days by slipping into these microwavable boots. This microwaveable boots is made from a plush fabric which is so soft to the touch and can either be heated up in the microwave or stuffed inside a freezer, and can be used as cold packs to treat injuries.


Captain America Shield Backpack


Look cool at school with this Captain America shield backpack, styled exactly just like the Avenger superhero’s famous weapon. It has the space big enough for your school essentials, with a spacious main compartment with a couple of pulls and handles.


Star Wars Character Socks


Star Wars Character Socks

With these Star Wars socks, you’ll be able to give your overall formal outfit a touch of geeky flair. Featuring Darth Vader, these socks are a perfect gift for every Star Wars fan! The reinforced toe and heel parts are incorporated for the excellent fit.


Micro-Adjustable No-Holes Belt


Struggling to find those holes while putting on a belt? With this micro-adjustable no-holes belt, wearing it has become a breeze! The tip of this belt goes into the ratchet buckle, and the belt’s locking system secures the belt in place from the back, at the exact point where it stops! This is most especially ideal when going to holiday feasts where your waistline is likely to expand after all those pig-outs.


Concealed Pockets Jacket


Has your backpack felt cumbersome? With this concealed pockets jacket, it makes you feel like you’re carrying nothing at all! It comes with several pockets of different sizes, each with room enough to carry your important papers, smartphones, and even tablets!


Ultra Slim Laptop Backpack


Ultra Slim Laptop Backpack

With these slim backpack, you will be able to carry all your essential items without feeling that extra burden. With its padded compartment, this backpack can hold latops (up to 15.6″) and tablets (up to 10″). It has additional compartments for chargers, cables, documents and other what-nots.


Composition Book iPad Cover


Kick it old school by protecting your tablet using the composition book iPad cover. This stylish covers offers complete front and back protection while allowing full access to the touchscreen. Closing it up transforms your iPad back to a nostalgic composition book.


Panda Pajamas Onesie



This panda pajama onesie will make sleeping more warm and comfy, and make you even cuter! The front buttons allow for easier wear and removal, and are available various size ranging from small to extra large.


Knee High No Show Socks


Stay warm without sacrificing style by slipping into a pair of these knee high no show socks. They feature a moisture wicking property to help keep your feet dry and odorless while also helping to prevent blisters – so you can remain comfortable throughout your day.


Butterfly Umbrella


Butterfly Umbrella

For butterfly fans in particular, you will definitely love this butterfly umbrella! Practical as well as pretty, when the umbrella is folded, it has the appearance of a caterpillar. When it unfolds, it turns into a beautiful butterfly!


Cat Paw Gloves


Cat Paw Gloves


By getting your mitts on these cat paw gloves, you can stave off the cold in true cat lover fashion. These adorable on size fits all gloves are available in five different colors and are the perfect accessory for staying warm in the winter.


JAJAFOOK Men Fashion Vintage 316L Stainless Steel Spinner Arabic Numerals Time Index Finger Ring

This spinner Arabic numerals ring is a whole new gift idea if you do not know what to give to the man in your life — your father, grandfather, husband or significant other. Made of stainless steel, this gorgeous ring is resistant to scratching and is hypo-allergenic, which means it won’t cause allergic reaction.


Invisible Heels



Tired of looking short among your friends? By placing these invisible heels inside your shoes, you can instantly increase your height. These durable heels are made from soft memory foam which helps lift the bottom of your soles, so that your legs and overall figure appear longer and slimmer.


Purple Galaxy Leggings



Give your look a unique and an out-of-this-world touch by slipping into these purple galaxy leggings. These are available in sizes ranging from XS up to XXL. These machine-washable purple galaxy leggings feature a superb fit along with an eye-catching graphic depicting the cosmos.


Get one or more of these fun and silly accessories and feel confident and happy as you walk around wearing these accessories.


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