Useful, Fun and Silly Home Accessories

Home accessories play an important role in making your house comfortable to live in. Entertain your guest and start a conversation when they see these adorable home accessories. With these fun and silly home accessories, make your house fun to live in.

Pizza Slice Night Light


Pizza Slice Night Light

If you can’t get enough of that cheesy pizza in your dreams, this pizza slice night light is just perfect for you! This gadget will constantly remind your about your love for pizza as you doze off. Have a nice pizza-dreams!


Shark Sleeping Bag


Shark Sleeping Bag


Instead harming your little one, this shark “eats” your baby and keeps your him and her cozy and warm against chilly temperatures. You can use it as your baby’s warming blanket whether you’re at home or you’re going out. It is made of 100% breathable cotton exterior for comfort.


Moon Night Light


Moon Night Light


With this moon night light, you can capture the magic of a full moon during any night of the week. The realistic moon graphic of this moon night light displays a bright full moon which you can turn on and off at the flick of a conveniently positioned switch on the bottom of the light.


The Universal Coat Heater



By using this universal coat heater, you can stay warm without having to wear layers upon layers. This battery operated universal coat heater fits discreetly inside any coat and is designed with four different heat settings so you can always remain at the ideal temperature.


Old Book Scented Candle



Don’t you miss the times where you were reading at the school library and that familiar smell of old books wafting throughout the room? Relive those days with this old book-scented candle. Made from natural soy wax, it releases an enticing aroma of old the old book pages as it burns.


Natural Air Purifying Bag


Welcome clean and safe indoor air once more with this natural air purifying bag. This bag is stuffed with nothing but natural bamboo charcoal, which neutralizes and gets rid of even the most stubborn bad odors, natural pollutants and even allergens.


Hot Ash Wood Burning Stove



With this Hot Ash Wood Burning Stove, you can make your campfire cooking even easier and more convenient. This is perfect for camping but is also ideal for off-grid cooking and emergency situations. This hot ash burning stainless steel rocket stove is quick, easy and doesn’t require tools. Every unit of this product comes with a set of clear instructions which guides you on how to set it up.

This stove weighs three pounds but is made from .048” stainless steel so you can be assured of its quality. It may be lightweight and portable but this stove can accommodate pots and pans of varying sizes and weights.

By using this hot ash wood burning stove, conveniently cook meals without having to create an immense bonfire.



Rock Pillows


Rock Pillows


They look like real rocks… except they are soft. These rock pillows come in different sizes: rock, stone and pebble. You can buy them in sets or in individual pieces. These soft rock pillows are definitely perfect for rowdy pillow fights!


Screamer Motion Alarm




This screamer motion alarm keeps your front door, personal belongings or your precious jar of cookies safe from intruders. This Bluetooth-enabled device has a 30-meter range, lets out a painfully loud scream and sends the warming to your smartphone if anyone tries to tamper it.


Smart Motorized Blinds Conversion Kit


Smart Motorized Blinds Conversion Kit


A true smart home is automated. That’s why you should automate your blinds as well. With this conversion kit, you will be able to control your 2 to 2.5″ horizontal blinds from your smartphone into automated blinds in just a matter of minutes. It saves your time, your effort as well as your money, as it is also solar-powered.


Personal Towel Warmer



With this towel warmer, enjoy the warm comfort of warm, dry and fluffy towel every day. You don’t have to hang it to dry for too long. This gadget uses a silicone heating element which keeps your towel, bath robe or any other garment dry, within only ten minutes.


Dragon Incense Burner


Dragon Incense Burner


With this dragon incense burner, you can melt your stress away by creating a soothing environment. After this dragon incense burner is lit, the smoke back-flow gives the illusion that the exceptionally crafty fire dragon has come to life as smoke flows out of its nostrils.


USB Lamp Socket Charger




This USB lamp socket charger is perfect for bedside lighting for charging your devices overnight or reading in your bed, as it comes with a USB port. Just take off your existing lamp light bulb, and screw this USB lamp socket charger, and you’re good to go!


Portable Electric Clothes Dryer




By drying your garments off in this portable electric clothes dryer, you can help preserve the life and appearance of your garments. This portable electric clothes dryer comes with a built-in ultraviolet sanitizer which kills all harmful bacteria and measures 25” wide which gives you ample room to hang your load.


Expandable Garage Shelves


Expandable Garage Shelves


By using these expandable shelves, you can keep the chaos at bay by organizing all the stuff in your garage. This expandable garage shelves are composed of expandable steel tubes which features high strength anchors and screws for durability, and can also install in minutes.


Floor Cleaning Slippers


Floor Cleaning Slippers


Cleaning floors is now less back-breaking with this floor cleaning slippers! The cleaning soles are removable and they are easy to wash by hand or by a washing machine. These microfiber fingers catch many sorts of dirt — dust, fur, hair and other dry debris. You can use it on any types of flooring, from wood to tiles to linoleum.


2-In-1 Broom & Squeegee


2-In-1 Broom & Squeegee

Cleaning is now made easier and less of a chore with 2-in-1 broom and squeegee. It allows you to clean off dry and wet messes much more easily without having to alternate uses between a separate broom and mop. This cleaner’s clever design lets you to switch between the broom head and the squeegee head.


Color Changing Duct Tape


Color Changing Duct Tape


This tape works like your old, dull gray duct tape. But it has a special mechanism that makes it sensitive to temperature, which causes it to change interesting colors such as orange to yellow, purple to pink or dark green to neon green. Add some style to your space by sticking these colorful duct tapes!


Swash Express Clothing Care System


Swash SFF1000CSA Express Clothing Care System

This swash express clothing care system provides a quick, easy and convenient way to get your clothes ready to wear on time. This helps in removing light wrinkles to make your clothes looking better again while restoring the ideal fit that’s been lost after wear.

One of the great things about this product is that you don’t have to use water, ironing, pipes, plumbing or even a professional installation in setting it up. This is specifically designed to fit anywhere in your home and even inside your closet.

This Swash system is the first in-home system which provides a convenient way to get clothes ready to wear on your schedule, in just a few minutes.



Shoe Deodorizer/Sanitizer/Dryer


Shoe Deodorizer

By sticking your kicks inside this shoe deodorizer/sanitizer/dryer, you can make your home a more habitable place. Just place your stinky shoes inside the device and it will kill up to 99% of bacteria and viruses without the damaging effects of chemicals.


Wi-Fi Enabled Robot Vacuum


Wi-Fi Enabled Robot Vacuum

Thanks to this Wi-Fi enabled robot vacuum, keeping a clean home has never been easier. You’ll be able to control your smart vacuum using the app on your smartphone, no matter where you are. So you can clean your floors anytime, anywhere.


Rechargeable Bug Vacuum


Getting rid of bugs that lurk under your bed or couch has never been easier. This handy bug vacuum is easy to use, portable and is USB chargeable. It also features a powerful built-in LED for use at night or for dark areas. But it doesn’t exterminate bugs, as it has the option to take these critters out of the house and send them back to the wild.


The Shoe Wheel




With this shoe wheel, you can store your entire footwear collection using only a fraction of your closet space. This shoe wheel features a chrome-plated steel base with wheels which allows you to easily move it around. It is also designed to fit up to thirty pairs of shoes.


Overhead Garage Storage Rack




If your garage is not that wide enough, you can take advantage of the vertical space by installing this overhead garage storage rack. This will help you organize your stuff and get rid of the clutter. The way this rack is designed enables you to have access to your items easily. It features a patented channel design which can accommodate a maximum weight of 600 pounds, and the manufacturer backs it up with a lifetime warranty.


Over The Door Hanging Shoe Rack




By using this over the door hanging shoe rack, you can double your closet’s storage capacity without performing costly renovations. This shoe rack is designed for most standard size doors and can hold up to 36 pairs of shoes, which free up floor space and eliminates clutter.


Kid’s Light Switch Extender



Using this kid’s light switch extender, you can give your tiny tot the ability to turn their room lights on and off. This extender works with any standard toggles switch and easy to install. This light switch extender glows in the dark so your child can easily spot it when the lights are off.

Decorate your home and make it lovely and fun to live in by adding these fun and silly home accessories.


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