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Fun and Silly Party and Holiday Accessories

During holiday seasons or any events which needs to be celebration, some people would really love to throw a party. A party would be a lot more fun with accessories which can be enjoyed by every guest. Check out these fun and silly party and holiday accessories.

Face Drink Coasters


Face Drink Coasters


With these face drink coasters, you can get rid of the same old coasters and put a funny spin to your dinnerware. This set comes with 20 coasters which have double-sided prints of different expressions, making them a perfect selfie prop. Each coaster also comes with an opening which you can clip onto your nose for a comical and hilarious appearance.

These face drink coasters are guaranteed to bring additional loads of fun and laughter at your get-togethers whether you fancy red lips, a goatee or a full beard which is smiling or scowling. These coasters are perfect for any type of occasion.

By setting out these face drink coasters, you can get your party guests laughing and socializing with each other. The coasters come with a small opening so that you can conveniently hang them on your nose.



Galaxy Wrapping Paper




By using this galaxy wrapping paper, you can give your awesome gift an out of this world touch. This wrapping paper set includes three 37 x 24 inch sheets, where each of the sheets depicts a differently colored image of our vast and captivating cosmos.


New Year’s Resolution Mugshot Signs



By posing for a picture holding these New Year’s resolution mugshot signs, you can hold yourself accountable for your unrealistic lifestyle adjustments. Each of these mugshot signs feature a blank space in addition to a statement like “trying again” and “who am I kidding” underneath.


Giant Balloons




Many people want to have a big party with big things. These latex balloons can inflate up to 48 inches, instantly grabbing attention from every guest! When you buy a pack, you will get 10 balloons of bright, different colors. Great decor for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, etc.


Charlie Brown Christmas Tree


Charlie Brown Christmas Tree


Are you a fan of Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts gang? Then you can bring a flair of the iconic comic strip with this Charlie Brown Christmas Tree, which is based from Peanuts’ paltry tree. Standing 24 inches tall, it also comes with Linus’ blue blanket at the base. Aside from evoking holiday feels, it also evokes nostalgia.


Posable Life Size Skeleton



By using this posable life size skeleton, you can set up the ultimate Halloween display. This bony skeleton fella stands just over five feet tall and features posable limbs which lock in place so that you can position him in a number of funny and amusing positions.


Chalkboard Balloons



By personalizing the décor using these chalkboard balloons, you can add a special touch to any celebration. These balloon set includes twenty all-black balloons and it also comes with a special white chalk pen which you can use to draw all over the surface.


DIY Magic Flying Butterfly Card


DIY Magic Flying Butterfly Card


Make someone’s special day even extra special by gifting him or her this DIY magic butterfly card — and they will get a nice surprise! Once they open the card, a beautiful butterfly suddenly springs up and flies up to 20 feet in the air. It’s like setting the little insect free.


Potato Message Mailing Service


Potato Message Mailing Service


Take a break from using your electronic devices for a while. This potato message mailing service is the way to go when you want a message delivered with speed and reliability. Each of this potato measures 5 inches and can be customized with a short 135 character message of your choosing.


Zombie Head Decanter



By storing your liquor in this zombie head decanter, you can reverse the roles and consume the brains from the undead. This zombie head glass decanter is crafted to look like a ghoulish zombie and it also comes in either a 450ml or a sizeable 650ml option.


Rotating LED Strobe Light



With this rotating strobe LED light, you’re instantly setting the mood for a party! You do not need any more special tools to power it as it fits to any light socket… turn the switch, then you’re on! Since it rotates, it reminds you of that old-school disco ball that lights up the dance floor.


LED Christmas Lights


LED Christmas Lights


By illuminating your home using these LED Christmas lights, you can outshine your entire neighborhood this holiday season. Unlike traditional lights, these lights can use up to 80% less energy, last longer, and are also designed to shine brighter so that your holiday decoration stands out above the rest.


Light Up Death Star Tree Topper



By using this light up death star tree topper, you can make your Christmas tree shine brighter than exploding planet. Apart from putting on a spectacular remote controlled light show, this tree topper plays both the Star Wars theme song and the Imperial March.


Light Up Gift Boxes




By placing your gifts inside one of this light up gift boxes, you can make your presents stand out above all others underneath the Christmas tree. These battery operated gift boxes come with built-in LEDs which illuminates the entire box in a range of vibrant colors.


Edible Butterfly Cake Toppers




With these edible butterfly cake toppers, you can transform your plain-looking cake into a gorgeous table centerpiece! These gorgeous and sweet butterfly cake toppers have a 2.5 – 3 inch wingspan and come with variegated colors and patterns.


Animated Halloween Decorations



With this animated Halloween decorations DVD, you can open up a portal to the netherworld in your home. This disk comes chock full of spooky images which depicts monsters, ghouls, demons, and other scary creature imaginable.


Laser Party Light



By using this laser party light, you can make your next house party look like a flashy nightclub. This party light comes with a handle so you can easily mount it to the ceiling and projects dozens of bright green and red lights which dance around to create amazing effects.


DIY Gingerbread House Kit



This DIY gingerbread house kit has all the things you need to make the colorful classic gingerbread house that will surely bring joy to your holiday table. It consists of one pre-baked gingerbread house plus of course all the trimmings such as a green fondant, icing and two colorful types of candies. Other materials included in this kit are an icing tube, a piping bag and a cardboard base.


Disco Ball Light Projecting Cup




Now, you just don’t drink at a party… but drink with a bang! By serving drinks with these disco ball light projecting LED cups, now you can turn your ordinary bar drinks into brilliant accents to your party. Just fill the cup with your favorite beverage, push the button under the cup, and that’s where the fun truly begins! Colored lights will illuminate your cup while also projecting lights above it. Isn’t that amazing? It’s a perfect giveaway at clubs, bars, concerts, raves, and other fun nighttime events.


Color Adjustable Fog Machine


Color Adjustable Fog Machine


Fog, as used for special effects, adds a “wow” factor to any occasion… so how about putting color in it? That would be “wow” a thousand times over!  This machine features nine built-in LED’s which allows you to adjust and switch between colors — red, green, blue and violet.


Make your party the talk of the town by making it unforgettable and unbeatable with these fun and silly party and holiday accessories.

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