Fun and Unusual Flasks, Shot Glasses and Mugs

In every occasion or party, drinking wine, liquor or any other alcoholic drinks is one way of keeping the guests entertained. The shot glasses or mugs you use when giving out drinks is very important since it can really be noticed by your guests. Check out these fun and unusual flasks, shot glasses and mugs which you can add to your collection.

American Flag Liquor Flask




Carry your nationalistic pride and unabashed love for liquor everywhere you go by carrying this American flag liquor flag! It is constructed of BPA-free plastic and a nozzle for easy pouring. Perfect for Fourth of July celebrations, sports events, pool or beach parties, tailgating parties, etc.


Santa Hat Flask




Christmas gives you a reason to be nice, but it also makes a perfect excuse to be naughty especially if you carry your drinks in a Santa hat flask. It has a 10-ounce plastic flask which is surreptitiously hidden inside a pocket with a zipper.


.308 Real Bullet Shot Glass



If you are fan of whisky, firearms and classic Westerns, you can combine your love for all of them into one curious-looking shot glass. There’s a significant authenticity in the design of the glass because the bullet lodged onto it is an honest-to-God genuine .308 bullet!

This handmade shot glass can also make a perfect prank material. Fabricate a funny story about how you experienced a close shave during a bar skirmish. And what if they don’t believe it? Show them this “bullet-proof” shot glass!


Christmas Stocking Flask


Christmas Stocking Flask


By using this Christmas stocking flask, you can fill your liver with alcohol after you’ve finished filling the halls with boughs of holly. This flask is shaped like Santa’s boot and is also made from FDA approved food-grade plastic and it can also hold up to 2.25 liters of your chosen holiday spirit.


Milk And Cookies Shot Maker


Milk And Cookies Shot Maker


By using this milk and cookies shot maker to craft some delicious edibles, you can step up your snacking game. This easy to use shot maker comes with a non-stick silicone mold which lets you make six small cookie shot glasses which are ideal for filling up with milk.


Quaffer Layered Shot Glasses



For those who hate taking straight shots and appreciate any chasers that should come with them, the Quaffer shot glass is will be your new drinking buddy! This novel drinking contraption allows you to make your booze taste better and take your shots a lot easier. Constructed of thick weighted glass, it is designed in an hourglass shape that separates the stronger alcohol and the weaker chaser until you consume them.


Stainless Steel Shot Glasses



By using these stainless steel shot glasses, you can avoid accidentally shattering a glass during your next drinking session. These shot glasses come printed with a short “bottoms up” message on the side and it also features an all steel construction so they’ll last for years to come.


Hidden Flask Ice Pack



By bringing along this hidden flask ice pack, you can easily sneak a sip at any public where bottles aren’t allowed. This stealthy ice pack flask is made from food-safe BPA-free plastic which features a formidable 14 ounce capacity so that you can share with friends.


Bulletproof Shotglass


Bulletproof Shotglass


This shot glass is handmade from quality materials and holds an ounce-and-a-half of your favorite booze! It gives an illusion of being penetrated by an approaching bullet, but the bullet itself is no fake! This is a real .308 bullet made from copper and is absolutely lead-free.


Hidden Flask Mittens


Hidden Flask Mittens


It seems that flasks hidden within pieces of clothing are quite popular these days, and mittens are no exception! Keep yourself warm against the severely cold weather by carrying your booze inside these hidden flask mittens. Aside from keeping your hand warm and snug, the left-hand mitten also features a three-ounce flask that conveniently carries your drinks, out of sight from other people.


Football Drinking Game Mug



Watching football games is a serious pastime among Americans. And to those watching Monday night football games in their own living rooms, why don’t you spice them up by serving drinks in tall football-inspired mugs? These great-looking mugs have football touchdown-inspired measurements as your guide — or maybe just ignore the guide if you want to fill each mug to the brim with beer.


Diamond-Cut Scotch Whiskey Glasses




Whether your favorite whiskey is Scotch, bourbon, single-malt or Irish, all of them will look elegant when they’re served in these sparkling and luxurious diamond glasses. While these whiskey glasses are not made of real diamond, they are otherwise made of none other than the finest and the most lustrous lead-free crystal, which is machine-crafted to perfection. This set of two stunning whiskey glasses is packaged in a beautiful red gift box with an embossed silver logo on the front.


Insulated Stainless Steel Beer Mug


Insulated Stainless Steel Beer Mug


Every dedicated beer drinker hates lukewarm beer. This stainless steel beer mug is equipped with the best kitchen-grade stainless steel and superior insulation system that will make your frothy brews to stay as stone-cold as ever. It is constructed in a way that it won’t sweat and create a nasty watery mark on the table, so you won’t have to use a coaster. Now, it’s not just for beer, as this mug is also perfect to hold any other kinds of cold as well as hot drinks. It comes with a lid to make sure that your beverage will stay in your desired temperature.


Touchdown Beer Mug



By watching every game with the touchdown beer mug, you can turn your football season into an ongoing drinking game. This unique mug features down marker lines so that you can pace your drinking according to your favorite team’s progress on the field.


Football Beer Mug



Have a “bottoms up” while watching your favorite NFL games with this football beer mug! This scratch-resistant acrylic beer mug has a double insulation and features a shape of a half-cut football inside that suspends your favorite booze. This is also perfect for backyard parties, tailgate parties, and any other parties with the a football-inspired theme.


Keep your guests entertained and let them have fun by letting them drink into these fun and unusual flasks, shot glasses and mugs.


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