Useful and Fun Beauty and Skin Care Items

It’s always a good idea to keep some beauty maintenance in your purse, whether you’re off to work or school. There’s no need to bring your entire makeup kit and skin care routine with you anywhere, there are some products that can fit into your purse and are multipurpose, which is perfect for you when you need to freshen up after a long day before going somewhere, or retouch during lunch breaks. Here are some fun and unusual beauty and skin care items which you might want to add to your collection.

Cologne Wipes



Forgot to bring your favorite cologne or perfume? Wipe your sweat and smell good instantly with this cologne wipes. This wipe is portable, inexpensive, convenient, and is a one-time cologne applicator which includes 20 wipes, with 5 of each scent. These classy wipes are packaged inside compact napkin sized envelopes and is ideal for the modern gentleman.


Facial Fitness Device



Want to look younger without having to go under the knife or subjecting yourself to injections? Have some “workout” on your face by using this facial fitness device to help you achieve a more youthful look. It may look silly when you use it, but this device is designed to correct weaker facial facial muscles and tone them for a firmer appearance. Using this facial fitness device is easy and quick, as it takes about two 30-second sessions a day to bring back the firmness of the skin and thus restore the youthfulness of the face.


Quick Cleaning Hair Brush


Quick Cleaning Hair Brush


Trapped hair is one of the usual problems that we encounter with an ordinary hair brush. But with Quick Cleaning Hair Brush, no more stress over mess!

This unique brush has a bristle retraction system that instantly releases trapped hairs as well as dandruff, dried-up hair products and harmful bacteria. This makes cleaning brush a breeze. A cleaner brush = a healthier hair!


Organic Bath Bombs


Instead of soaking yourself in artificial colors and scents that may aggravate your skin, luxuriate yourself with these bath bombs which are made of nothing else than the finest natural ingredients. They will not only nourish your skin, but they will also heal it as these bath bombs contain anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Dead Sea salt, Epsom Salt, kaolin clay, organic cocoa butter, organic shea butter and essential oils as well as Vitamin E.

Just drop this bath bomb in your bathtub water, sit back, soak yourself in a luxurious bath and enjoy the aroma and all the natural goodness. Turn your ordinary bath time into “spa” time with these wonderful natural bath bombs.


Antibacterial Charcoal Toothbrush


antibacterial charcoal toothbrush


The benefits of charcoal has been praised by health enthusiasts because of the benefits it provides. Now, it has been incorporated to oral hygiene as well.

This antibacterial charcoal toothbrush combines the antibacterial properties of gold with the natural whitening properties of bamboo charcoal. Recommended for those with yellow-stained and discolored teeth and for those who are looking for the total oral care and protection and seeking to restore their teeth’s aesthetic qualities. The bamboo particles are integrated in one half of the bristles.


Activated Bamboo Charcoal Soap




This bamboo charcoal activated beauty soap helps in detoxifying your skin from harmful bacteria, dirt and micro-particles. This oil-free soap may be mean to these harmful micro-particles by scrubbing them out from the skin’s surface, but it is otherwise gentle to your skin. Thus, it is an excellent exfoliator which works to make your skin smooth, supple and healthy again. This soap is suitable for men and women.


Teeth Whitening Accelerator Kit


Teeth Whitening Accelerator Kit

In only one hour of use with this hydrogen-based whitening kit, your teeth will be restored to its original color and sparkle by removing even the most deep-seated stains caused by certain foods like coffee and red wine, as well as smoking. Plus, this kit will bring freshness to your teeth and mouth! It contains 6% hydrogen peroxide, which is known to whiten teeth.

This kit includes five whitening gel syringes for 25-minute sessions, LED light, a whitening tray, a bleaching shade guide, a power unit, a charger and an instruction manual. Check out other details of this product on Amazon if you’re seriously interested in getting your teeth white and clean-looking again.


True Mirror, 12 x 12 Inches, Black


True Mirror, 12 x 12 Inches, Black

This is an amazing and a unique true mirror, and is considered as the world’s only mirror which reflects you without reversing your left and right sides. With this mirror, discover your true nature in the true image reflection, and see how much the backwards mirror has changed how you see yourself. Hear the true mirror story at NPR’s RadioLab, a surprising exploration of mirror images, hair parts and symmetry.

This mirror is created with a seamless and a perfect alignment of two optical mirrors, the reflection is unlike any other mirror in the world.


Acrylic Makeup Organzier




This set includes 3 individual organizers that are stacked to create your own personalized makeup and cosmetics beauty corner, it has interchangeable design which allows you to change how it is stacked to fit your preference. Top organizer has 15 compartments and a small drawer, the second organizer has 1 column with one square drawer and 1 column with two square drawers, the third organizer has two large rectangular drawers. Strong case holds various beauty items in one place and fits on most dressers, it can also be used to store jewelry and personal accessories.

This organizer is made of high-quality acrylic which is a clear plastic that resembles glass but is stronger and safer than glass.


All Natural Deodorant


Commercial deodorants contain harmful chemicals that may cause a variety of skin diseases and even cancer. This natural deodorant is guaranteed safe for your skin and your overall health. It comes in a paste form and is made from the finest natural organic ingredients. One of this deodorant’s active ingredients is baking soda, which helps in neutralizing body odor, even if you’re at work or at a gym. It doesn’t contain any harmful artificial ingredients and is aluminum- and paraben-free. It also doesn’t contain fragrances so it is also ideal for those who suffer skin allergies.


Organic Coffee Bean Scrub



There are other uses of coffee other than for drinking. Take this coffee scrub and use it to scrub all over your body to get rid of all the dead cells. After scrubbing, you will be able to see the difference — your skin will feel smoother and softer than ever before.

Coffee scrub is known as a good exfoliator. Use it on your face, your arms, your legs, your hands and your feet. It can help in dealing with scars, cellulite and stretch marks.


Makeup Organizer Station


Makeup Organizer Station


This station is a complete makeup organizer, display center, and universal docking station for your iPhone, iPad, and most phones and tables. This station is chiseled and handcrafted from natural, eco-friendly bamboo. The smooth surface of this product is glazed with a protective, stain-resistant sealant.

Improve your beauty station by placing all your cosmetic products inside this makeup organizer station. It also features a removable mirror.


Rainbow Blush Makeup


Brighten up your plain face by applying some color to it with this Rainbow Blush Makeup. The vibrant and multi-colored palette is easy to apply and leaves a fun glitter-y metallic look that will last for hours. This is particularly the ideal makeup to wear whenever you go on a night-out, but really, it can be good for any other time of the day.


Hair Straightening Heater Brush



Aside from making your hair more beautiful, this brush also provides a relaxing massage on your head. It also helps in straightening your frayed and detangled hair and even prevents hair loss. You don’t even have to pull the brush up and down as the brush itself will do the work in making your hair more beautiful and healthy. It has a non-slip ergonomic design that lets you brush your hair with ease.


Blackhead Remover And Pore Cleanser



An oily or a “combination” skin (oily skin in some areas and dry skin in other areas) have annoying effects especially on your face. One of them is developing blackheads and whiteheads in the oiliest parts of your face — your nose in particular.

This blackhead remover and pore cleanser is recommended for people with oily and combination skin. Each strip is incorporated with natural charcoal and works like a magnet that lifts even the most stubborn blackheads as well as oil and dirt.

Apply the strip on the affected area and leave it for about 10 minutes. Afterwards, gently peel off the strip and see how much blackheads, whiteheads, oil and dirt it has gathered. You’ll be amazed at the results! One application of the strip and you will be able to see three weeks’ worth of dirt buildup on the strip. You’re on your way to achieve clean, clear skin with this product. These deep-cleansing pore strips are the ultimate solution for your oily skin and clogged pores.


24K Gold Foil Sheet Masks


24K Gold Foil Sheet Masks

These gold masks cover your face completely, penetrating deeply into the skin to bring back and maintain moisture as well as reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It also evens your skin tone. You will be able to see immediate results even in your first try — you will notice right away that your skin becomes smoother, firmer. It also feels more hydrated. You will look more youthful than ever before. It’s easy to apply and also easy to clean up after use.

It just feels like you’re going to a professional spa for a luxurious golden facial treatment but at the comfort of your own home. Feel the youthful glow with the golden facial mask!


Beard Shaping Tool


Beard Shaping Tool

Want to sculpt your beard to the shape that you desire? This beard-shaping tool will help! Still awaiting the patent as of this writing, this tool allows you to create the any beard style that you prefer. With its tapered edge design and a curved angle, you will be able to form clean and perfect lines on your beard — just like what your professional barber usually does! It also allows you to get rid of unwanted hairs especially in usually hard-to-reach areas in order to achieve a symmetrical look.

These fun and useful beauty and skin care items are essential in your everyday routine. These items help you stay fresh, look young, and be confident about yourself.


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