Fun and Useful Pool Accessories


There are all sorts of fun games and activities you can do when in a swimming pool. Some accessories and useful additions could make things even more fun. Read on to find out several such items that you can use to make your pool day the best it can be:

Inflatable Rainbvow Cloud Bar


When the temperature is high, you don’t want to leave the pool at all. This inflatable cloud bar is a fun rainbow shape with the colors to match. Pile up plenty of soda cans and water inside it, and you won’t even have to get out of the pool to slake your thirst.

There are around 5 cup holders in this floating bar, which are suitable for bottles, cups, or cans. There’s also a space in the middle for a snack, salad, or ice. You can also alternate between using it in the pool or the hot tub. The thick, soft premium material is raft grade and non-phthalates, so is safe and durable for lasting through many summers.


Giant Inflatable Unicorn


Unicorns add a magical touch to any experience, so combining them with a pool is a great idea. This inflatable unicorn is a full eight feet long, so you can lie down on it or use it as a giant flotation device. You also don’t have to worry about blowing it up, as it has a special valve for easy inflating.


Watermelon Ball Swimming Pool Game



This game will allow you to put a little competition and exercise into a lazy pool day. The Watermelon Ball looks just like the real thing and floats easily as well. It has a durable exterior made of a vinyl membrane. You can dribble this by the poolside or take it in the water for some underwater sports.

These balls are durable and resistant to cracking, so even a bit of roughhousing is acceptable. With this package, you can buy several balls for a themed beach party or just to have several in stock for the kids.

Inflatable Canopy Island



Spending all day in the pool or any other water body is tempting, but it could also be bad for your health. if the sun is very hot, you could even get an angry burn all over your skin by staying unprotected in the water. With this canopy island, though, you can easily solve this issue without having to compromise on your pool fun.

This canopy bed gives you a lot of room to lie down and relax while being covered and protected from the sun. The canopy is removable, so you can get rid of it if the day isn’t sunny. There’s also a comfortable resting place for your back as well as cup holders for your drinks.

Hands-Free Flotation Device


This floatation device with help you relax and float along without too much exertion. It can hold a person of up to 180 pounds, thus being suitable for an adult or elderly person. The covering is of a soft, water-resistant fabric with a neoprene crotch area for extra comfort.

All you have to do is step into this device and buckle yourself up. You can then sit back, relax, or chat with your friends without struggling to stay afloat all the time.


Pool Chair Towel Organizer


Pool Chair Towel Organizer

A day by the poolside or at the beach also means taking along a lot of essentials. Fortunately, you can keep good track of your belongings with this towel organizer. The material of this item is an absorbent and rapid-drying microfiber. This is equipped with several pockets for storing everything you may require.

You can hence rest easy knowing that your towels, sunblock, sunglasses, and book are all safe.  The organizer would easily stay in place on any kind of chaise. When it gets dirty, you can easily wash and dry it in your machine.


Rainbow Pool Float


Rainbow Pool Float

This pool float is has a half-circle design and also has the bright colors of a rainbow. It’s constructed using 25mm PVC and is a comfy addition to your pool.

You can easily blow up this float with a pump or even your mouth. it only takes a few minutes for you to have an immensely comfortable ride on the water.


Excalibur PR640S-1 RC Drink Float


Excalibur PR640S-1 RC Drink Float

This float would cater to the geek in you as well as provide the useful function of carrying drinks in the pool. It’s also remote-controlled, so you can send drinks and snacks around to all your guests without the hassle of getting up each time. This way, everyone gets to relax and have a good time.

This float can carry around 5 drinks and still have room in the middle for some nuts or chips. The 90-day warranty should be more than enough for you to test out its abilities.


Modular Inflatable Pool/Patio Furniture


This furniture is huge when inflated, making it suitable for lounging by the poolside or floating in the pool itself. It provides great comfort and a lot of fun either way. The strap connectors and inbuilt magnets make for an easy assembly.

You can also mix and match the pieces to suit your preference. This way, you can have the kind of furniture you want without being stuck with just one form.


Robotic Solar Powered Pool Skimmer


Robotic Solar Powered Pool Skimmer

Here we have another, non-solar option for a robot cleaner. All you have to do is drop this robot in the pool while it’s plugged in, push a button, and wait for it to complete the job. This is a fully customizable and automatic contraption that can clean the floor and the slopes of your pool within an hour. If your pool is larger than a 24-foot diameter, the leaning might take a bit longer.

The long cable on this robot allows you to clean a huge area in one go. You can then look forward to a pool without any debris, large or small.


Gigantic Pink Flamingo Float



A beach holiday or a pool party would be incomplete without a giant float of some sort. This pink flamingo float provides this addition, which will surely be a big hit at all your summer parties. There’ a lot of room on this float, especially as it has its wings fully spread out.

When you inflate this float, you get around 5.5 feet of space for relaxing on. The quality is also great, as it’s made of heavy-duty vinyl.

Floating LED Globe

If you’re a fan of swimming at night, this floating LED globe could make for a fun and fascinating companion. The lights change color, adding to the magical experience along with safety while you swim. These globes are also perfect for when you have guests over and want to pool to be one of the main attractions.

There’s an auto shut-off feature after 4 hours that helps conserve the battery life. You can also choose to use these waterproof balls anywhere else you like, such as for a wedding or garden party.


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