Fun, Silly and Interesting Books

You’d never be bored when you have a good book in your hand. With the mixture of fun, silly, and interesting options below, you can find something entertaining for sure:

14,000 Things To Be Happy About Book


14,000 Things To Be Happy About Book


It can become hard to stay positive given the disturbing state of world events. However, this book can remind us of all the things that should make us smile. This would be an uplifting book to have on your shelf or to give as a gift.


Messing With Telemarketers Book


Messing With Telemarketers Book


Telemarketers can be a great annoyance, so this hilarious book would teach you how to annoy them back. Even if you’re not bothered by telemarketers much, the real-life call transcripts are and entertaining read.


The Book With No Pictures


The Book With No Pictures


While this book might have no pictures, it entertains the reader by getting them to say the strangest words out loud. This makes it perfect for bedtime reading to children. It’s sure to become a family favorite very soon.


Everything Is Bullshit Book



This book is a mixture of hilarity and satire, as it examines many of our traditions with unrelenting focus. With this read, we’d soon start seeing many seemingly important aspects of our society as being rubbish. It also provides interesting backgrounds of how traditions like expensive tuition and diamond rings came to be.


Finish This Book


Finish This Book


Interactive books are quite engrossing, and this one is no different. You’ll get a chance to author this book along with reading it, as it simply wouldn’t exist without your contribution. The original illustrations and flow of activities would fascinate you till the end.

Seinfeldia Book



The long-running  Seinfeld Show is usually described as a ‘show about nothing’. This book breaks down how the show was from behind the scenes. If you’re already a fan, this book is a must-have in your collection.


The Manly Art Of Knitting




Masculinity shouldn’t be so fragile that a man can’t take up a pair of knitting needles. This book provides practical instructions for those just starting out in this hobby. It would hopefully encourage more men to start knitting without any shame.


Prison Ramen Recipe Book


Prison Ramen Recipe Book


Ramen is the quintessential college food, but it could become much more delicious with the help of this recipe book. Gift this to a single person or a young couple and they’d definitely be grateful for the easy, colorful guidelines. The recipes also come with stories about the inmates who created them.


The 4-Hour Work Week




This book tells you how to earn a passive income and hence lead a leisurely life. If you follow it the right way, you could end up exchanging a stressful career for short work periods. This would enable us to take those dream vacations and earn without much effort.


The Dr. Seuss Coloring Book




Dr. Suess books are an inseparable part of childhood. This coloring book takes the enjoyment to a new level. Each page has an illustration from an iconic book, encouraging children to read more as they’re coloring.


1,000 Places To See Before You Die




We all love to travel, but might not be able to choose the best places. This book can inspire the traveler inside us and help to devise a bucket list. It’s also an informative read, with 600 color photos and facts about a thousand interesting locations.


Bad Girls Throughout History



This book is an excellent read for anyone, especially little girls who may not have many mainstream female ideals to look up to. It features women like Cleopatra, Marie Curie, and the other trailblazers who made a difference in the world.


The Walking Dead Pop-Up Book


The Walking Dead Pop-Up Book


“The Walking Dead” is a popular series about zombies, so this book would appeal to any fan. It has all five major elements from the original series in a lot of detail. You’ll be able to see the prison, the well zombie, and the secrets of Terminus in 3-D here. This way, the series could really come to life right on your lap.


Illustrated National Parks Book


Illustrated National Parks Book


This parks book shows some stunning locations within America. You can visit each of them by flipping the pages, along with reading their history and facts. There are 160 pages in this book, which would make a perfect coffee table companion.


Game Of Thrones Coloring Book


Game Of Thrones Coloring Book


Almost everyone in the modern world is a huge fan of Games of Thrones, so this coloring book will fast become a collector’s item. This is an adult coloring book, which is also a popular trend these days. This would help you relieve your daily stress as well as fulfill your fandom for the series.



What’s It Like In Space Book



If you’ve ever thought about going to space but never got the chance, this book would be of great interest. This book compiles some amazing stories from real-life astronauts. The stories also have illustrations, lending more depth to this fascinating collection.


The Lovecraft Alphabet Book



If you’d like to get your child interest in classics, you can start them off at a very young age. This book has some excellent illustrations and goes through the whole alphabet using mythical creatures. These are all characters from the works of H. P. Lovecraft.


Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You


Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You Book


This book could inspire you to change up your life every single day by getting you away from what’s comfortable. It’s actually a journal, with encouraging mottos and prompts to motivate you further. You could end up leading life to the fullest once you’re done with the book, as it will encourage you to ask for help, sing out loud, and going for what you want.


Astrophysics For People In A Hurry


Astrophysics For People In A Hurry


Astrophysics could give us the answer to many questions, but it usually requires a lot of time and effort. With this book, though, a famous astrophysicist gives us a summary of several well-chosen topics. These include our role in the universe, the nature of time, and about space itself.


Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life


Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life


These spy secrets can come in handy at any time. Even if they don’t, reading about them would enhance our awareness and would also be a thrilling experience for any fan of spy fiction.


How To Make Money In Your Spare Time




This isn’t a self-help book or one that promises get-rich-quick schemes. Rather, it provides interesting insight into how the Mafia and other organizations like it get so much financial freedom.


Where To Eat Pizza Book



Pizza is essential on a weekend night, but this book takes that interest and makes it a global search. In a nutshell, it gives you tips on where you can get the best pizza from all over the world.


Where’s The Wookie Book



If you’re a fan of Star Wars as well as the ‘Where’s Waldo?’ series, you’d certainly love this combination of both worlds. This book has several pages of detailed drawings where you have to locate Chewbacca, including the Ewok village and the Jawa market.


Dinosaur Origami Book


Dinosaur Origami Book


Many children have a fascination with dinosaurs, especially considering the popularity of the Jurassic Park movies. With this book, you can have a fun project that gets you an origami dinosaur any day. Each project has step-by-step instructions to make it easy.


Harry Potter Coloring Book



The Harry Potter fandom is spread all over the world. This coloring book lets you unleash your creativity and bring the magical world to life in your own way. It has 96 pages with detailed drawings for you to color in as you please.


Transformers Pop-Up Book



If you or your child love the Transformers, this pop-up book could bring them to life. The illustrations are in full color, so every warrior is lifelike and would even shift right in front of you. This could be a memorable experience for you and any Transformers fan.


These books can make great gifts and provide a few laughs and enjoyment as well.  You can prank that special someone or provide some interesting coffee table reading when guests come over.


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