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Gift Ideas for Basketball Shoe and Sneaker Lovers

Sneakerheads are very particular when it comes to shoes, sneakers or anything related to them. If you want to get them a gift, whether you’re their mom, best friend, girlfriend, co-worker, or just a friend, there is a possibility that you may run out of ideas.

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Adidas Superstar

RESHOEVN8R Sneaker Cleaning System

Stance NBA Socks

Jordan Retro Selector Pack – 20 Keychains

Sneaker Shaped USB Flash Memory Drive

Adidas NMD Sneakers

Sneaker Throw Pillows

Tinksky Sneakers Shoe Laces

Sneaker Phone Cases

Shoe Tree

That is where we come in, to give you a decisive list of sneakers, shoes, and related gifts for basketball sneakers and shoe enthusiasts.

1. Adidas Superstar

The Adidas Superstar was originally released in 1969 and till date, it still remains a classic sneaker. It was designed as a premium basketball sneaker, which dominated the courts during the 70s. However, its fashionable style was only recognized in the 80s. Till this date, the sneaker is still adored by many, and anyone who receives it as a gift will look good in them.

2. RESHOEVN8R Sneaker Cleaning System

This is perhaps the best sneaker cleaning system you can get anywhere. The sneaker cleaning kit comes with everything you need to clean sneakers made from different materials. It includes 2 pairs of adjustable shoe trees, 2 sneaker laundry bags, microfiber towel, 8oz. advanced shoe cleaner, and 3 separate cleaning brushes. With this cleaner, your sneaker and shoe lover can easily bring their old kicks back to life and feel good about them once again.

3. Stance NBA Socks

Gift your basketball shoe and sneaker lover any pair of these Stance NBA Socks to show off their sneakers. The socks are made from quality material, such as polyester, cotton, elastane, and spandex. They have seamless toe closure, elastic arch support, deep heel pocket and dry-low gore seam. The socks make a stunning complement to sneakers, your sneaker lover will surely adore them.

4. Jordan Retro Selector Pack – 20 Keychains

Let that sneaker lover in your life show off his loyalty with this vintage sneaker/ shoe keychain. This Jordan Retro Selector Pack is a set of 20 different keychains from Nike Retro Air Jordan and Nike Classics. The keychains are made of high-quality, durable silicone material.

5. Sneaker Shaped USB Flash Memory Drive

This USB Flash Memory Drive is made for the basketball sneaker lover who also doubles as an IT geek. With a storage capacity of 4GB, a sneaker lover and IT enthusiast will be able to store their important documents or files.

6. Adidas NMD Sneakers

Launched in late 2014, this sneakers is now one of the hottest in Adidas’ productions. The sneakers has a rubber sole, breathable and flexible Adidas Primeknit upper for an enhanced fit.

7. Sneaker Throw Pillows

These cool Shane Bowden Home Turkish Cotton Decorative Pillow would make a great gift for sneaker lovers. The set of two pillows are made from cotton with printed sneakers artwork in front. Gift it to sneaker lovers to decorate their sitting room.

8. Tinksky Sneakers Shoe Laces

These beautiful set of laces are the easiest way for sneaker lovers to customize their sneaker lineup. The flat sneaker laces set comes in a variety of colors that can help add a splash of color to your sneaker lover’s shoes. They are made of durable, soft polyester and nylon material, and are very simple, fashionable and suitable for all kinds of sneakers or shoes.

9. Sneaker Phone Cases

Let your sneaker lover protect his phone with this sneaker iPhone case. Made with high quality material, the phone case is durable and offers maximum, stylish protection for your devices. It also ensures easy access to all ports, controls, and connectors.

10. Shoe Tree

When a pair of shoes is getting old, the leather is more likely to start stretching and cracking. However, with wooden shoe tree, you can still make your shoes fit perfectly on your feet. Apart from that, it also helps absorb moisture.

Where to Buy

Basketball Shoes and Sneakers

Out of the Box: The Rise of Sneaker Culture

HEX Sneaker Backpack

Other gift ideas for basketball shoe and sneaker lovers include Elastic No Tie Shoelaces, Out of the Box: The Rise of Sneaker Culture, and HEX Sneaker Backpack.

Sneaker lovers can never complain of having too many sneakers. They will also appreciate any of the sneaker-related gifts above. You can’t go wrong with any of these gifts for that sneaker lover friend or brother, so feel free to pick one or more for them.

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