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You never know what type of health challenges you might face whether it be a small cut or an ear that causing you problems or even a bee sting.  There are some amazing products available to handle many of these situations and also some that can be preventative as well like DNA testing for possible health issues and preventing falls and more.  Below is a gallery of some various products that might just help you when you need them most.

Hello Kitty Band-Aids


Hello Kitty Band-Aids


These Hello Kitty bandages are an attractive, pretty way to dress up any child’s cuts or other injuries. They’re latex-free, so you don’t need to worry about allergies except when dealing with the packaging. Their pink Hello Kitty design is sure to delight girls and boys who’re interested in this popular character.

This particular box contains 10 large band-aids and 10 small ones. This way, you can dress small cuts as well as larger wounds in an attractive manner. These would serve to cheer up any child who’s hurt or ill, so parents might want to have them on hand at all times.


Medical Grade Ear Wax Remover


Medical Grade Ear Wax Remover


A buildup of wax in the ears is never a healthy sign, so having this kit handy could give you a lot of benefits. While this device might seem a bit grotesque to some, it’s actually quite satisfying. You use it by inserting the tip into your ear and pressing the bottle. The solution inside contains peroxide and warm water to melt out the accumulated wax.

This is an inexpensive and safe way to clean out the ears right at home. It’s also used in medical clinics, doctors’ offices, and hospitals. You may hence be sure of this device being safe to use for the ears.


Bite & Sting Extractor Kit


Bite & Sting Extractor Kit


This kit is made of BPA-free plastic and can work quickly for pumping poisons away from your skin. Any bite or sting might result in poison seeping under the skin within a matter of seconds. By having this kit with you in a first-aid box, you may even end up saving a life.

Snake bites, stings from bees or wasps, or even mosquito bites could make our day very miserable. With this extractor kit, you can remove the poison with just one motion. There’s a reusable vacuum pump includes that’s easily portable with just one hand if required. The vacuum option is also a safe one, as it doesn’t require cutting open the skin with a scalpel or knife. The latter methods would only open up the blood to more germs and possibly spread the toxins around.


Thimble Safety Cutter


Thimble Safety Cutter


If you have a lot of boxes and packages to open regularly, investing in this safety cutter might be a good idea. This portable tool is made from silicone and has a tiny knife embedded at its top. This means an easy slicing through any boxes or packaging without the need for paper cutters, knives, or scissors. it would hence reduce the time for opening your boxes and protect your fingers at the same time.

This device is also handy for opening complicate and stubborn packaging like the clamshell kind. However, it might not fit your finger perfectly. The solution here is to keep trying different fingers until you find one that works.

You may also want to try out this device on a light type of packaging before attempting to open the more stubborn varieties. For instance, try slicing open some string and paper parcels before you try to cut any cardboard or plastic. Since there’s a blade inserted into this device, make sure to keep it covered and stored away from the reach of children.


UV Razor Sanitizer


UV Razor Sanitizer


Shaving is an everyday task for almost every male or female, but the blades can also be a dangerous source of infection. With this razor sanitizer, you can be sure of killing at least most of the germs and viruses to make your shaving a healthier and more hygienic method.

The sanitizer has an automatic on and off system, with a convenient way to insert your razor for proper sanitization. It works by bathing the razor in a UV light that would kill of germs and bacteria. You hence don’t have to worry about any unwanted organism entering your bloodstream through a nick or cut.

According to tests, this device even clears away the dangerous germs and viruses from a toothbrush. This could hence be a very sound investment for keeping your hygienic products clean and safe.


Star Wars Band-Aids


Star Wars Band-Aids


These are another type of band-aids that would instantly cheer up anyone who’s injured or wounded. While they may not be able to cover major injuries, they would provide a fun experience with the different sizes and designs. Each bandage here is sterile and adhesive, designed to stick to the skin and not the wound.

You can find designs for Chewbacca, R2D2, Darth Vader, and many others among the lot. These iconic characters would be sure to uplift any child and even adult who’s a fan of this series. They have bright colors clear prints, and could even serve as a collector’s item for diehard fans.


Genetic Ancestry DNA Test Kit


Genetic Ancestry DNA Test Kit


Many people of mixed ancestry or those who are adopted might like to trace their genetic past with the help of this kit. It utilizes cutting-edge autosomal testing technology that can reveal your ethnic mix for around 26 regions.

However, it must be kept in mind that ancestry and ethnicity are complicated areas. While this kit might help you find a long-lost biological relative, it may also be quite inaccurate at times. This mostly depends on the inherited DNA within the user. If it does work, though, you might be able to uncover unknown stories and patterns about your family history.  Users have reported that they were luckily able to find some family members thanks to this kit.

Medline Shower Chair Bath Seat

If you or someone you’re close to is getting on in years, this bath seat might be a good way to stay safe. It comes with padded armrests and a padded back, plus is suitable for bathtubs and showers as well. It’s sturdily built and can withstand a weight of up to 350 pounds.

With this investment, one can safely bath and shower even if they’re not able to stay steady on their feet. The bathroom might be the most dangerous place in the house for an elderly, person, so this measure is best for preventing several accidents.

A&D Medical Deluxe Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Bluetooth

Patients of blood pressure usually have to keep a strict check on their levels in order to prevent any serious health issues. With this handy monitor at home or in the clinic, you can easily check your blood pressure by pressing a single button. There’s even an option for sending the readings wirelessly using Bluetooth or the included free application.

This device also enables you to view the graphs and trends in your blood pressure, which would also help your doctor make accurate diagnoses. You also don’t have to worry about accuracy, since this monitor is clinically validated. The cuff is adjustable to fit several arm sizes, so there should be no issue of it not fitting.

Knowing about high or low blood pressure at the right time could be a lifesaver. If you or a family member suffers from such issues, this investment might be a necessary one.

Grab Bar by Dr. Maya

If you’re able to stand in the shower but simply require a bit of support, this grab bar is an easy installation that can save you from an accident. This would be a good investment for any house with an elderly senior citizen or someone with a disability.

There are no nails or drills required to install this grab bar, as it comes with a suction grip. You may install it on the side of a tub or by the shower, or even near the toilet if required. It can attach to glass, tile, acrylic, fiberglass, or any non-porous surface without fear of slipping or falling.

While all of the health and safety accessories above are logical investments, you should look at your situation in order to determine the best one for yourself.  For instance, a house with kids might need some Hello Kitty or Star Wars bandages in order to make them feel better after the everyday scrapes and cuts.

On the other hand, you should invest in a Grab Bar or a Bath Chair if there are elderly and disabled people living in the house. Such investments would help people live more independently and enhance their confidence to boot. It would also prevent any untimely accidents that could lower the quality of their lives. Finally, for any health issues like blood pressure, a monitor is a handy device for keeping at home.


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