Fashion as a Form of Self-Care

Have you prepared school lunch for the kids? Have you taken the dog out for a walk? Were all the lights turned off before going to bed? If you’re a mom, these are just some of the things you probably have on your daily checklist. And if you’re a working mom, that … Read more

Ten Ways to Avoid Weak Bones

The bone structure of a hand

Bone health could be one of the most overlooked aspects of our general health. Those of us who are lucky enough to be born with a healthy bone structure may not realize the blessing they’ve been given. However, if we don’t take the proper care and precautions, our bone health could very … Read more

Tips for Getting Started with Beekeeping

Beekeepers inspecting a beehive

Beekeeping is not an easy profession. It requires a lot of hard work and adaptability. Secondly, it’s not just a profession of physical labor, but it also has a considerable need for mental energy. This is because, to tender the needs of the bees properly, the beekeeper has to adapt himself according … Read more

The Life of a DJ in 6 stages

The Life of a DJ in 6 stages

DJing is a surprisingly new profession. In fact, there’s no formal mention of DJing as an actual job until some point in the early 70s. They were around, but it wasn’t as big of a deal as it is today. Fast-forward to 2019 and we find ourselves in an era where everyone … Read more

How to Make Good Money Without Leaving Your Job

How to Make Good Money Without Leaving Your Job

Do you currently have a regular job but you are still having a hard time making ends meet? Living from paycheck to paycheck is very stressful. Sadly, a large number of people are experiencing this kind of situation. Some people say that you should start earning more by getting into business ventures. … Read more