Summer vs Winter in Hawaii

No matter what the weather brings, Hawaii is still a beautiful place to visit. Year round, Hawaii offers great weather and events to that make it the perfect destination in every season.

Hawaii only has two real seasons. These are summer and winter. Winter temperatures are not much colder than summer temperatures. Hawaiian weather stays relatively consistent, and rarely dips below 70 degrees.

Although the weather in Hawaii may not change much, the islands do. The changing seasons bring change on the islands, and as each island is diverse it has its own changes. This makes certain places more desirable to stay than others.


Summer is definitely the best season to stay in Hawaii. The weather is perfect and you can take advantage of the best that Hawaii has to offer. It is a time to hit some of the best beaches in Hawaii.

Where to stay…

The big island is definitely the place to be in summer. We have the best of that nature has to offer. This is the place to see all four elements of nature happening at once.

Where to eat…

Kailua-Kona has some great restaurants to eat at on the big island. It is a beautiful district with many places open late.

Where to go…

You can read our list of things to do on the big island here. This is the perfect time of year to take advantage of all things outdoor.


In winter, the weather can get a little extreme. The rain can be very heavy. You need a place that allows you to lay low and take advantage of the surroundings.

Where to stay…

Maui is our recommendation in the winter. This is one of the most romantic islands in Hawaii. Maui has some of their own amazing BnB options that are perfect for a romantic getaway.

Where to eat…

Lahaina is the best place to eat in Maui. Restaurants are all generally located near the coast.

Where to go…

The waterfalls and forests can be amazing in winter. With an increase in rainfall, this is the best time to see them.

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