Olive Oil: An Ancient Greek Raw Superfood

olive oil in a carafe

Greeks are considered to be some of the healthiest people in the world as they routinely live past 100 and enjoy a low incidence of chronic disease. And according to scientists, it is the result of the Mediterranean lifestyle and diet. This type of diet is the number one recommended diet of … Read more

Almonds: Raw Superfood from Nature

almonds on a white plate and scattered around it

There are times when we crave something sweet or greasy. However, neither of those kinds of food is friendly to the waistline, and to our health, as well. To satisfy your cravings, you can instead go for a healthy alternative, just like almonds. Aside from satisfying your cravings, almonds can also help … Read more

Healthy Pineapple Coconut Salad

This is a great salad to serve with BBQ or oriental flavored foods.  If you’re not familiar with Coconut Secret products, you’ll want to use it in this recipe! All of their products are ONE INGREDIENT products – coconut!!  Amazing! Raw Coconut Crystals Raw coconut crystals are a low-glycemic sweetener.  You don’t … Read more

Dear Sugar, Its Over!

Dear Sugar, Its Over!

DIET & WEIGHT LOSS This might be a letter you would write when you decide to lose weight once and for all. Dear Sugar, I don’t know how to break this to you, so like a bandaid that has to come off – I’ll try to be quick and painless. You’ve gotta … Read more

Cool and Useful Fitness Accessories

Cool and Useful Fitness Accessories

LED Smart Jump Rope   With this high-tech LED jump rope, you will be able to track your workout effectively. It displays your fitness data — such as the number of jumps and calories burned — even as you leap in mid-air! It is equipped with bright 23 LED lights that display … Read more

Getting Started Juicing

Fruits and vegetables have always been an important part of the human diet. In fact, these foods were among the first corner stones of our diet. They contain many nutrients and provide much more energy than meat or any other type of food in terms of micronutrients.What’s more, eating a lot of … Read more