Useful and Fun Bedroom Accessories

The bedroom is where you get to relax after a long and tiring day. It is your private space to recharge, sleep, or just escape from everyone entirely, so it is important to make sure that it’s a place you actually look forward to spending time in. Check out these useful and fun bedroom accessories.

I Love You Pillow Cases



With this pillow cases, you can turn your bedroom into a more loving spot for you and your sweetie using these “I love you” pillow cases. It comes decorated with a cute and simple little cartoon of a couple romantically talking to each other through a tin can telephone.


Reversible Performance Sheets


Reversible Performance Sheets


After waking up on these reversible performance sheets, you can feel like a million bucks. These sheets are designed to wick moisture away from your skin to keep you dry and it also offers a four-way stretch unrestricted movement while you slumber.


Aromatherapy Memory Foam Pillows



With this aromatherapy memory foam pillow, you’ve never been excited to look forward to go home after a long, tiring day at work. This memory pillow is infused with the exhilarating and relaxing lavender aroma. Lavender is known for promoting good sleep, so this is the perfect aroma to help you relax and doze off right after you rest your head on it.

And since this pillow is made from memory foam, it is especially developed to “cradle” your tired head. It also supports your neck and helps in improving the airflow in your bedroom. The mesh cover is 100% washable.


Electrical Outlet Bed Risers


Electrical Outlet Bed Risers


These electrical outlet bed risers do the double function of adding extra height and storage to your bed and charging your devices. These bed risers are fashioned in a way to keep those unsightly electrical cords and power strips out of the way since you can hide your devices under your bed as they are being recharged, so no wayward and entangled electrical cords on the open floor will cause tripping accidents.

These electrical outlet bed risers are clever and brilliantly-made bed risers do not only feature electrical outlets. They also feature two USB 5-volt DC with charging light for fuss-free charging of your favorite mobile devices, aside from the twin electrical outlets.

These electrical outlet bed risers eliminate unsightly electrical cords and power strips in the room. They allow you to charge devices without making your bedroom a potential tripping hazard.




Motion Activated Bedlight



As you walk around the bedroom at night with this motion activated bedlight, you can automatically provide lighting. This bedlight installs under the bed frame and emits a gentle glow which lights up just enough to provide visibility during the night.


Blanket Hogging Prevention Clamps



Are you and your partner fighting over a blanket? With these blanket-hogging prevention clamps, they can keep your partner from snitching that precious warm blanket. These clamps work on almost all kinds of beds, won’t ruin your bed sheets, and can also withstand up to 22 kilograms (or 50 pounds) of force. You can secure this clamp with a rubber beneath the mattress or you can tie it to a bed frame.


Doodle Pillowcase Set



Unleash your artistic side with this special doodle pillowcase. Both sides of this pillowcase — one side with a blank decorative frame and the other side is lined (like in a sheet of paper) — can be written or drawn using one of the special markers that come with it.


Purple Galaxy Bed Covers


Purple Galaxy Bed Covers


Doze your way off to dreamland in these comfortable and stylish bed covers. Made of satin, these bed covers feature dazzling images of the star-filled outer space with such astounding artistry and detail which makes you feel as if you are floating into the universe as you sleep.


Jewelry Cabinet Mirror



It’s delightful to see pieces of furniture that also function as a storage space. Take this 43-inch tilting mirror — open it and it transforms itself into a jewelry armoire. Especially if you’re the type who wear a lot of trinkets, this really nice mirror/jewelry cabinet will keep your precious ornaments safe and make your bedroom less cluttered. 48 necklace hooks, six lined shelves and a bracelet rod all equip this slim but spacious mirror/jewelry cabinet.


Make your escape room relaxing and fun by getting these useful and fun bedroom accessories.

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