Useful and Fun Dog Accessories

A pet dog is a great friend for the whole family. Many of us have lots of fun with our furry friend every day, but there’s always something to makes things better! Read in for some items that can help you get the most quality time with your pooch:

Canine Anxiety Relief System


Canine Anxiety Relief System


If you live in an urban environment, you’d probably need to frequently calm your dog down. The vehicles rushing past can excite many canines. Elevated stress levels aren’t good for any living being, so you can use this anxiety relief system to manage the job for you.

This is a harness that fits over your pup’s torso and gives them a relaxing therapy when they get stressed. These include vibrations and acoustic therapy, all designed to reduce anxiety for dogs. This is a drug-free approach that would surely appeal to owners who prefer natural healing methods.


Werewolf Dog Muzzle


Werewolf Dog Muzzle


This muzzle is perfect for Halloween outings with your dog, especially if you’re wearing a costume to match. On ordinary days, it would also be good for keeping strangers away from your pup. The muzzle will change even the gentlest dog into a beast, at least as far as appearances go. If you’re walking down a dangerous street, your dog will be of even more protection this way.

You’ll find that this design will comfortably fit your pet without making them uncomfortable. With the intricate styling, you’d be sure to enjoy the ferocious change while being grateful that it’s temporary.


DogEden 60 K (Kennel) Series


The first-ever mass-produced, affordable underground and self-cooling/self-heating dog house is a great way to keep your furry friend comfortable all year round. It’s also called the “Paradise for Pets” because this underground doghouse provides the ideal temperature inside it no matter the season. It uses the earth’s own natural temperature to keep your pet dogs cool and comfortable during hot days, or warm and snug during the evenings and cold weather conditions.

The design of this underground doghouse is well-thought-out that ensures that your doggy is totally nice and dry even during heavy rain storms! This product is backed with a 100% non-conditional money-back guarantee so you can tell that the manufacturer is highly confident of the product.


Hands Free Bicycle Leash



If you’re a cycling enthusiast, you can safely take your dog along and exercise him at the same time! However, using a normal leash isn’t safe while riding a bicycle for many reasons. One of them is that the dog won’t be able to remain at a safe distance from your bicycle during this time. This is why this hands-free bicycle leash is so convenient.

This leash features a solid bar that attaches directly to the bike. You can strap in your dog at the other end and hence keep your hands free as well.


Dog Paw Cleaner


Dog Paw Cleaner


An energetic pooch is a healthy one, so you want to make sure your pet gets plenty of exercise every day. This is best done by taking them outside to play in the grass or run on the pavements. However, this also means that they get their paws dirty and can track dirt inside your house.

Since no one has the time to give a dog a bath every day, you should get this paw plunger cleaner to clean just the paws and save your clean floors. This device is shaped like a mug and has bristles lining the inside. All you have to do is put each paw inside. The bristles will gently wipe off any dirt without any discomfort or pain.


Two-Way Dog Friendly Leash


Two-Way Dog Friendly Leash


Having your dog on a leash is a law in some areas, but it’s also a necessity in most cases. However, many leashes tend to put a restrictive feeling into your connection with the dog itself. The two-way friendly leash might be the solution to this problem.

This leash gives you a connection to your dog’s mouth, which allows for safe control without compromising on his sense of freedom. If your dog weighs more than 40 pounds or is prone to pulling eagerly at his leash, use the included clip. The plush handle is of organic material, making it safe for your dog to handle. You have a neoprene handle that’s comfortable to hold and also provide a little stretch.


Dog Bunk Bed




We have bunk beds for children, so why not for dogs? This dog bunk bed will give your canine more room for lounging or napping. It’s only suitable for small breeds, though, so your Chihuahua will probably be very happy with this investment.

The bunk bed is suitable for either indoor or outdoor use. his way you can give your dog a cozy place to curl up in or an open space to experience the either. The material of this bed is a kiln-dried cedar that’s been stained with natural color. There’s even a balcony, side steps, and latticework to make this a part of your décor as well as a fun place for your furry friend.


Food Maze Dog Bowl


Food Maze Dog Bowl


Regular dog bowls are all very well, but they can become too boring at times. Plus, just eating a pile of food can easily cause overconsumption, leading to canine obesity and other health issues. With a maze in the food bowl, however, you can stimulate your dog’s senses while he’s eating.


Dog Seat Covers



if you usually take your dog in your car, add a little protection for them next time. These dog seat covers are non-slip and scratchproof, so you can simply lay them down any time you’re going for a spin with your canine friend.

The hammock-like cover also has side flaps, so it’s easy for the dog to get in and out of the car. These would also protect the car doors as well as the whole back seat.



Illuminated And Reflective Dog Vest


Illuminated And Reflective Dog Vest


When you’re walking your dog at night, this vest could help to keep him safe and in sight. The illuminated and reflective aspects of this vest would change between several bright colors. These include magenta, red, blue, and purple. You can also choose between some modes such as Cool Comet,  Rainbow, etc. What’s more, the vest is also waterproof and can easily fit many breeds.


Dog Breed DNA Test



finding out your pet’s breed might e important in order to take proper care of them. However, getting this done professionally might be an expensive deal, so you may want to start out by getting this kit first. All you’ll need is a cheek swab in order to reveal the genetic history of your beloved pet.


Self Tugging Dog Toy


Self Tugging Dog Toy


If your pooch is simply too energetic for his own good, this toy might be a wise investment. You can fix this to the ground and let the dog play around with the 55-inch pole. The Easy Flex technology will stretch when pulled, helping your dog get the exercise they need while you relax.


The best dog accessory for you and your pooch would depend on your unique situation. The Self-tugging toy would definitely come in handy for a hyperactive pet, while the bunk bed is the best idea a couple of small breed buddies.





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