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Useful and Fun Pet Accessories



The sheer number of fun, expensive products which are available to help you appreciate your pet is just one of the very best things about owning a pet. There are various accessories for your pet to use. Check out these useful and fun pet accessories.

Bubble Backpack Pet Carrier


Bubble Backpack Pet CarrierYou love your pet so much that you want to take it in all of your walks and adventures. This clever bubble backpack pet carrier allows you to bring your pet safely in your travels. Unlike carrying a pet cage, this backpack leaves you hands-free while allowing your furry little feline friend to have a peek of the outside world (as well as interact with it). This backpack is specially developed to keep your pet safe and secured, and to make it feel comfortable at the same time. The materials are non-toxic and 100% washable.


Automatic Pet Ball Launcher


Automatic Pet Ball Launcher

If your doggie love to play fetch so much, this automatic ball launcher is the ideal toy for it. It features 9 distance settings and 6 angle settings. It launches balls the size of a standard tennis ball between 8 to 30 feet (and up) at a trajectory of 45 degrees. How about safety? Don’t worry, this ball launcher features sensors that will keep pets as well as their human masters safe while they’re busy playing fetch.


Wobble Ball Treat Dispenser


Wobble Ball Treat Dispenser


This wobble ball treat dispenser is a good way for your furry friends to literally work and play for their tasty rewards! Just place the yummy snacks inside it and let your pet play with it! These snacks will only get released as your dog or cat moves, bites and plays around with it, encouraging it to exercise for food.

The self-balancing interactive wobble ball is made from durable polycarbonate and ABS thermoplastic but it is non-toxic at the same time, so it is absolutely safe for your pets! This dishwasher-safe toy has parts that are easily cleaned but are also designed to stay secured when in use. This is the toy your pet needs to make it active and stay engaged as they play for their treats!


Real-Time Pet Tracking Collar Device


Real Time Pet Tracking Collar Device-jpeg


By placing this digital collar tracker on your pets, you can keep an eye on them 24/7.  This GPS tracker is easy to use. You just have to download the Petfon app and install it on your mobile phone. The app will track Petfon’s real-time tracking device to locate your pet in no time. 


Microchip Pet Door


Microchip Pet Door


Even pet doors are so high-tech these days! Basically, it’s another pet door but the difference is that it allows entrance and exit to pets that are only fitted with a microchip, so that stray pets and intruders won’t come in. This is really a good addition to your home security system, and of course most of all, security to your pet.

If you have many pets at home, no problem! This microchip pet door can store up to 32 pets in its memory. It comes in many sizes for both small and large pets. It also features a “curfew mode” which allows the door to program itself to lock and unlock at certain times.


We want to give the best of everything to our beloved pets. These useful and fun pet accessories will keep them happy, safe, secured and well-cared.

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