Useful and Unusual Bathroom Accessories

For some people, the most important room of their house is the bathroom. Every day, we go to the bathroom countless times. Some people treat the bathroom as a relaxing getaway, while for some it’s just a room used when necessary. No matter how you look at it, your bathroom should have useful accessories. It could also have unusual accessories too for you to have fun while inside the bathroom.

Touchless Toilet Flush Kit


By using this touchless flush kit, you can make your bathroom a more hygienic environment for everyone. This flush kit is battery operated and it works on most standard toilets so that you can easily flush afterwards without having to place your dirty hands on it.


Drenching Rainfall Showerhead


By outfitting your bathroom with this drenching rainfall showerhead, you can transport yourself to a lush and exotic location with every shower. This showerhead is designed to mimic a gentle rainfall and can be adjusted so that the water falls directly downward or at an angle.


Two-In-One Detachable Shower Head




By installing this two-in-one detachable shower head, you can improve the quality of your daily shower sessions. The ingenious design of this shower head gives you the choice of using it as a stationary shower head or as a more versatile handled spray.


LED Bathroom Infinity Mirror




Put some flair and appeal to your ordinary-looking bathroom with this LED mirror that gives an optical illusion of an infinite tunnel when turned on. It features eight vivid colors which you can set to your own preference.


Massaging Handheld Shower Head




By using this massaging handheld shower head, you can make your morning shower the best part of your day. This shower features an ample four inch diameter chrome head and five settings such as a water-saving setting, a warm mist setting, and a soothing massage setting.


Motion Activated Toilet Night Light


Motion Activated Toilet Night Light


Are you stumbling in the dark and fumbling to reach for a light switch whenever you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night? You will no longer have to experience that with this motion-activated toilet night light! It is designed to fit any toilet bowl and gives off that soft glow that is not too overwhelming.


Poop Odor Removing Toilet Fan


Poop Odor Removing Toilet Fan


With using this contraption, you will never have to use aerosols and deodorizers again. It effectively gets rid of 99% of bacteria and fungi, therefore reducing that disgusting poop smell. This fan can easily fit into any standard toilet.


Color Changing Bath Light


Color Changing Bath Light


Make your baths more relaxing and looking more magical and ethereal with this color-changing bath light. Run by batteries, this bath light features sixteen colors which you can choose from by a switch of a remote control.


Bathtub Ball Track Set



Add some fun to your little ones’ bath time with this bathtub ball track set. It consists of six pieces which include three tracks, a paddle wheel, a ladle and a ball. Except for the ball for your kids to actually play with, all of the pieces can be easily affixed to a tiled bathroom walls, creating a fun little water play set for your kids.


Dual Jet Bath Spa


Dual Jet Bath Spa

Now, you can turn your humble bathtub into a luxurious spa with Conair’s dual jet bath spa! Portable and easy to use, this contraption can fit bathtubs of nearly every size and shape. It has suction cups that allow you to attach it at the edge of your bathtub. The adjustable dual nozzles emit strong jets of water that act as a water massage to soothe your tired, aching muscles. It features a switch which you can turn on to launch a powerful blast of water bubbles but it also has a function which allows you to adjust the water jet’s intensity.


Temperature Display Shower Head


Temperature Display Shower Head


This high-tech shower head can tell the temperature of the water by flashing a light through its small LED display, so no need to guess whether your water is too cold, too warm or feels just right. In addition, this shower head features six various spray settings.


Color Changing Shower Head


Color Changing Shower Head


With this color changing shower head, you can turn your morning showers into a fun psychedelic experience. This shower head does not require batteries or power, and uses water pressure powered LED lights to transform the water into a cornucopia of color.


Galaxy Bath Bomb


Galaxy Bath Bomb

Turn your flat and ho-hum baths by dropping this galaxy bath bomb into a tub of lukewarm water… and be prepared to be amazed by its out-of-this-world effect! This Saturn-shaped bath bomb is made with exhilarating and invigorating scent of blackcurrant candies which pop out to create its signature fizz.


Modular Shower Station


Modular Shower Station


Reduce the ungodly mess in your bathroom with this nifty modular shower set. You don’t have to find the toiletries and other essential items anywhere in your bathroom because you can access them all conveniently in this shower station which hangs under the shower head. Since the metal frame is rust-proof, you can be sure this is made for longer use.


Bathtub Hair Catcher



A bundle of wet hair that’s stuck in the drainage of your shower and bathtub is always annoying, and it feels so disgusting when you’re trying to remove it. Not just that, it clogs your bathtub or shower. This catcher, made entirely of plastic, traps fallen hair and prevents it from going down further into the drain. It is easy to use, too — insert it into the drain and remove it once you’re done showering… and leave your bathroom entirely clog-free!


Bathtub Spa Pillow




We’d all love to soak ourselves into our bathtubs and hot tubs, and often we’d do that for hours. Sometimes, we do other things while soaking ourselves in the warm, sudsy bath water like reading a magazine, drinking beer or just dozing off. Why not make that more comfortable with this bathtub spa pillow? This waterproof two-panel pillow feels quite soft and velvety to the touch as it is constructed with more than two inches of ultra-soft padded foam. With its seven suction cups, it will stick securely and it is guaranteed not to slip.


Wooden Bathtub Caddy



Make your own bathroom a bit more luxurious by adding this really nice bamboo caddy to your own bathtub. It features a couple of detachable side trays, extendable handles, receptacles for toiletries and food as well as slots for your own electronic gadgets and other whatnots.


Soap Rocks



This gem-like soap is functional as it is decorative. This gem-like soap gives off a delightful whiff of geranium moss while gently moisturizing your skin. It also adds a naturally beautiful touch to your bathroom when not in use.


Make you trip to the bathroom fun, easier, and relaxing by using these useful and unusual bathroom accessories.

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