Useful and Unusual BBQ and Grilling Accessories

Grilling is a fast, dry method of cookery that uses intense heat. A lot of people love to grill foods especially during house events. However, grilling isn’t something you want to over complicate with too many grilling accessories, but some well-chosen grilling accessories can make grilling easier and more enjoyable. Some accessories can save you time, while other accessories can actually improve the flavor of your food. Here are some of the useful and unusual BBQ and Grilling Accessories.

The Kebab Maker



You’re throwing a BBQ or kebab party, and this kebab maker allows you to make as much kebab sticks as you like! This cleverly-designed kebab maker allows you to make 16 perfectly cooked kebabs in only a matter of minutes — easy and hassle-free! It also features a built-in lemon squeezer and knife sharpener; it also functions as a strainer and cutting board. This is a universal kebab maker as it fits 3/16″ and 1/8″ skewers.


Stainless Steel Grill Clips


These durable Stainless Steel Grill Clips allow you to grill several vegetables at once! No need to turn the veggies one by one, and these grill clips help in saving you more time and effort. It can grill many sorts of vegetables: carrot sticks, zucchini sticks, asparagus, green onions, string beans, etc.


Bacon Grilling Rack


This bacon rack solves your problem with cooking bacon over a hot grill. It catches the grease which would otherwise create flare-ups that would burn the bacon. It has non-stick surface so turning the sides of the bacon has never been this easy. When unused, this rack is foldable so it is easy to store away.


Wooden Grilling Planks


Wooden Grilling Planks

This wooden gourmet grilling planks are hand-selected, trimmed and dried exclusively for grilling and cooking. This 6 inches by 7 inches plank infuse your seafood or vegetables with the natural, smoky tang of Northern White Cedar. These wooden grilling planks provide your prime cuts with all the flavor of a word smoker, right on  your charcoal or gas grill.


Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer


Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer

Normal BBQ grilling makes you look over your meats and check if they are not overcooked or burnt; however, it also makes you neglect your guests. Not anymore with this Bluetooth BBQ thermometer! An alert will be sent to your smartphone to notify you that your meats are cooked to your preferred ideal temperature.

Simply choose from eight meat profiles: beef, chicken, fish, hamburger, lamb, pork, turkey and veal. You can also choose your preferred done-ness level: rare, medium, medium rare, medium and well done.


Stovetop Korean BBQ Grill Pan


If you want to throw a samgyeopsal party, this stovetop Korean BBQ pan should be the centerpiece! Grill pans are quite popular cooking appliances in Korea, which is used for grilling pork belly, steak, galbi (ribs), fish, vegetables and more. It works on both stove tops or portable burners. What’s great about this pan though is that it drains the fat, which reduces oil splashing while grilling. It’s easy to clean and affordable, too.


Barbecue Dining Table


Barbecue Dining Table


For the ultimate BBQ fans, we’re sure you cannot pass up this BBQ dining table, with the BBQ grill itself being at the centerpiece. It automatically transforms your party or get-together into a BBQ party. The table and the grill are sold separately, and the table itself provides you and your guests with a space to prepare your food or to eat while the grill on the center cooks your BBQ meats.


Tower Fire Pit & Grill


Tower Fire Pit & Grill


This monolith is certain to become the dominant feature of any background or outdoor space. With its unique design, it creates a self-supporting structure which allows as few as two people to quickly and accurately assemble this Monolith in just a few minutes using the included stainless steel hardware.

The split-level design is accessible from both the front and rear and provides 17 cubic feet of covered storage for firewood. The mild steel construction of this grill is hand-oiled for an attractive finish which is easily maintained and protects the steel from moisture.


Garbage Can Charcoal BBQ Grill



This unusual BBQ grill has the appearance of a garbage can. This is portable and easy to assemble and operate. With its large capacity, you can grill as much meats as you want. The unique look of this grill is also a great conversational piece.

Simply fire the coals, put the meats inside, tilt the lid and the go on entertaining your friends and guests.


Intelligent Steak Thermometer


 Intelligent Steak Thermometer


With this steak thermometer, no need to make guesswork as to how well-cooked you’d like your steak to be! It uses intelligent electronics, which measures the temperatures of the meat’s core along the entire length of the probe, not just the tip. The color-coded LED flashes which indicates that the meat is ready to eat. This thermometer is made of high-grade stainless steel and it is food-safe.


Multi-Function BBQ Tool


Multi-Function BBQ Tool


This Multi-Function BBQ tool is made from durable stainless steel, and is also designed to withstand frequent use. It has rubber pads which allow the product to fit your grip perfectly and gives the product a non-slip feeling. This multi-function tool saves time and spacing, and is designed to make one-handed grilling a breeze.

This tool has various relevant functionalities combined, and being able to mix these functionalities without the need to change your tool in your hand, makes barbecuing even more enjoyable.


Grill Steam Brush



This brush is specially designed for larger grills, and has a stainless steel bristles clean in between grill gates and surfaces. The removable attachments of this tool are dishwasher safe, but are also safe to use on iron, steel, and porcelain grills. Get a sparkling clean grill without  scrubbing for hours by using this grill steam brush.


Barbecue Fire Starter


Barbecue Fire Starter


This barbecue fire starter is the fastest way to start charcoals and to keep fires burning strong. With this fan clipped to the side of your charcoal grill, you’ll be ready to start barbecuing within ten minutes. This electric bellow is much more effective than blowing air from your mouth, and you won’t get smoky ash in your face.

The main body of this fan is made from stainless steel which stays cool and stands up to tough use. Its long, adjustable neck is also made from stainless steel and allows you to position the BBQ Dragon Fan to provide air wherever you need it.

These Grilling Accessories may be unusual and unique for some, but they are actually useful in your grilling nights with your friends or family.

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