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Useful and Unusual Cooking Accessories

Cooking a meal is a lot of work, whether you’re an amateur home cook or a professional chef. It takes patience and skill to whip up a tasty dish, from the planning to the work preparation. Fortunately, there are accessories which serve multiple purposes that are helpful during cooking. Here are some of the usual and unusual cooking accessories that are useful and functional in kitchen, and would require just a little effort from you and can speed up cooking time.


My Family Recipe Notebook



This Notebook is the perfect place to record your favorite family recipes. Each double spread of this notebook has a template with plenty of space to write down the ingredients, method, star-rated reviews and add a photo of your masterpiece. In this beautiful handbook, there’s space for more than 80 recipes with complete introduction that includes useful cooking guides, essential tips and a handy conversion table.

This is a great gift idea for anyone who loves to cook or wants to learn about cooking. Fill this notebook with family favorites when your children fly the nest or just leave it blank for food enthusiasts who want to create their own secret recipes.



The Southerner’s Cookbook



This magazine features the best of Southern cooking, dining, cocktails, and customs which comes in an heirloom-quality guide to the traditions and innovations which define today’s Southern food culture, which has more than 100 recipes and 4-color photography throughout.

From well-loved classics like biscuit and fried chicken to a uniquely regional dishes such as sonker or Minorcan chowder, each recipe in this cookbook tells a story about Southern food and its origins.


Adjustable Burger Press


Adjustable Burger Press


If you’re tired of shaping and measuring burgers by hand, this adjustable burger press is the best cooking accessory for you. Made of durable ABS and SAN plastic, this adjustable tool shapes and dispenses 1, 2 or 3-ounce slider-size patties, which measures 3 inches in diameter.

It lets you choose and adjust the thickness you desire for perfect mini burgers, uniform in shape, size and weight. This useful gadget is ideal for quickly making burgers for kids party or for freezing in bulk for easy weeknight dinners.


8-in-1 Burger Patty Press


8-in-1 Burger Patty Press


This product is designed to make homemade burgers easier than ever, since it goes beyond the single press by instantly shaping and storing a batch of eight burger patties. Just simply fill your favorite burger recipe into the bottom tray and seal the lid to shape eight perfectly uniform quarter pound patties which are ready for stuffing, grilling, chilling or storing in the freezer.

With this burger patty press, the burgers will effortlessly pop out of the non-stick tray even when frozen. Fire up your BBQ party, because your burgers are ready to grill with this 8-in-1 burger patty press.


Ravioli Rolling Pin


Ravioli Rolling Pin


This Ravioli Rolling Pin makes beautiful, plump ravioli which stay sealed while cooking. This can be used with ricotta or meat fillings, and the product ships pre-treated with food grade mineral oil. This pin is handmade in the USA from maple and walnut hardwood, and the Repast Supply Corporation plants 100 trees for every tree used in manufacturing.

To use this pin, start by librella flouring a thin sheet of fresh pasta dough with semolina and laying it on a clean flat surface, then spread a thick layer of your favorite ravioli filling on the pasta sheet.


Sushi Making Kit




This Sushi Maker kit allows you to make all four kinds of rolls in just four easy steps. It gives both the precision of modern technology and traditional movement that leads to perfect rolls with ease and fun. This lets you create great parties where all members of the family and friends proudly create their own rolls.

Just change the position of the ruler and make all 4 kinds of Maki. The sushi cutter also allows to cut perfect 8 or 10 sized pieces.


Meat Shredding Claws



Make juicy, delicious pulled pork, beef, turkey, chicken and more with this meat shredding claws. The claws interlock in two positions for optimal shredding, and are also ideal for lifting, turning and transferring food. The long contoured handles of this product offer a comfortable grip while keeping fingers away from food.

This is perfect for use in a slow cooker or pressure cooker. This product lets you enjoy your meat without getting your hands dirty.


Enjoy the tasty Japanese treat, Taiyaki, a japanese fish-shaped waffle. The most common filling is red bean paste which is made from sweetened azuki beans, while there are also some fillings like custard, chocolate and cheese. This features a non-stick aluminum surface which allows you to make two small 3 x 5 inch fishes in which you can stuff with your favorite filling.



Marble Rolling Pin




This marble pin is sourced from high quality marble. Marble is valued for its contrasting veins of color which add an elegant touch to any kitchen. Additionally, it does not absorb any moisture, fats or odors from the food. Enjoy baking cookies or rolling out your own pizza dough with this marble rolling pin.

This marble rolling pin is 10” long with nylon ball bearings for a smooth rolling, wooden handles for easy grip, and a wooden base for rest. The marble keeps the dough cool while rolling, and the natural non-stick properties keep dough from clinging.



Stuffed Hamburger Press



Are you tired of hand pattying your burgers? This hamburger press is the perfect grilling accessory to help you make delicious, perfectly proportioned burgers every time. This product will change the way you grill, and it makes a perfect gift for the special man or woman in your life. With this beautifully crafted grilling accessory, you will be a master of the grill.

This is the perfect companion for your home kitchen. No matter how many delicious stuffed burgers you make with this burger press, cleaning up is easy because this product is a dishwasher safe press.


Personal Cast Iron Bread Oven




This Bread Oven is the ultimate tool to help you make the most beautiful and most delicious loaf of bread at home. This product is made in the USA by strand design, and is a simple piece of bakeware which turns your home oven into a bread oven. Each kit comes with the Fourneau, solid maple peel, and a detailed instruction and recipe guide. Basically, everything you need to get started in making your best bread ever.

This Fourneau is durable even with regular use and a very little maintenance, and would last a lifetime while getting better over time.


Measuring Label Cake Batter Dispenser


Measuring Label Cake Batter Dispenser


This Dispenser neatly deposits the perfect amount of batter, which results in a consistently sized cupcakes that will bake evenly. It can be used for pancakes or other desserts too. With this measuring label cake batter dispenser, you can make sure that your treat comes out just right by following the recipe. One side of this dispenser displays measurements in cups while the other side displays in milliliters so you always have the perfect pour.


4-In-1 Avocado Tool


4-In-1 Avocado Tool


This tool enables foodies of all levels to cut, pit, slice and scoop avocados of all sizes. The avocado is the only tool you need to make quick guacamole, prep for avocado toast or slice and cube to top soups and salads.

With this 4-in-1 Avocado Tool, effortlessly peel and prepare your tasty avocado without creating a mess.


Raclette Cheese Melting Rack


Raclette Cheese Melting Rack


This product makes it possible to have a raclette party anytime, anywhere. With a stylish oak frame, a Barbeclette pan, 3 tea lights and a special handy spatula for serving the melted cheese into baguette slices or toast. This item is fun, simple to use, and offers something special.

This rack is heated by a candle, has a non-stick coating so sliding the cheese out is easy with the included spatula, and the foldable design is portable and easy to store.


Instant Watermelon Slicer


Instant Watermelon Slicer

Prepare watermelons easily with this melon slicer. This is made from hard plastic with rubber handles to prevent slipping and keep hands away from the sharp stainless steel blades. Slice the watermelon into 12 equal parts with ease using this instant watermelon slicer. It is also perfect for cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple and other fruits.

Enjoy a juicy slice of watermelon by cutting open your fruit using this instant watermelon slicer without making a mess.


Rose Shaped Aluminum Bundt Pan



Recreate a garden scene with this perennial favorite, the Rose Shaped Aluminum Bundt Pan. This is made of heavy cast aluminum, and bakes evenly time, providing crisp detailing on your cake. The premium nonstick interior of this pan assures quick release and cleanup.

This pan makes an impressive presentation of your cakes, puddings, ice cream rings, or gelatin salads for serving to guests.


Wall Mounted Triple Dry Food Dispenser


Wall Mounted Triple Dry Food Dispenser


This wall mounted triple dry food dispenser provides convenience for anyone looking to maximize space in the kitchen. By securing this dispenser to the wall, you can create additional storage without having it getting in the way on the countertops. In addition, the dry foods inside are easily accessible with just a twist of the handle. The included measuring cup fits on each canister which makes it easier to work into your cooking routine.


This dispenser is space-efficient accessory for every kitchen and each dispenser holds 13 ounces of dry food.


Food And Beverage Plate



If you’re always having problem on where to put your drink while you eat, this great plate is perfect for you. With this food and beverage plate, you never have to leave your beverage behind while you’re eating or socializing. Your beverage fits perfectly in the center of the plate, freeing up your other hand for eating, drinking, playing games and introducing yourself all while you move about and socialize.


Self-Sharpening Knife Block



Properly sharpened knives make food preparation faster and easier, by giving you clean and precise cuts no matter what you’re chopping, slicing or dicing. This set features a knife block with in-slot sharpeners designed to sharpen knives every time you use them. This works every time knives are removed from or placed in the block.

This knife block also features an extra non-sharpening slot for your favorite knife and even fits the Calphalon Classic 8-in. bread knife.


Cookie Dunking Helper


Cookie Dunking Helper


This is the world’s first and only magnetic cookie dunking device. This is perfect for you if you have lost a cookie while trying to achieve that perfect dunk, and made a mess in the process. With this dunking buddy, you can enjoy a perfect dunk every time and never worry about losing another cookie ever again.

This dunking buddy is easy and fun to use, certified BPA-Free, top rack dishwasher safe, and allows you to dunk your favorite cookie or treat into any beverage.


Detachable 3-Piece Serving Bowl



With this beautiful serving bowl, you can create a dazzling centerpiece at casual or upscale celebrations. This snack bowl set ensures that all guests will have no trouble making their way to the food/snack table since it is constructed of sturdy clear acrylic for a look that goes great with any season.

You can use this as a standard chip bowl, and can put salsa in the dip bowls, or you can make a big salad and put a different dressing in each dip bowl. This is a fun and exciting way to present appetizers or snacks.


Power Broiler Blowtorch Converter



This is secured to the top of a blowtorch to create the perfect searing temperature without the off-putting aromas that typically result when cooking with blowtorches. By forcing the thin flame of the blowtorch through two layers of fine, high-temperature-resistant wire mesh, it produces a consistent, evenly spread flame which provides a professional quality finish to meats and other food items.

With this power broiler blowtorch converter, give your dishes a professional quality sear without accidentally burning them to a crisp.


These cooking accessories may be unique but they are very helpful in speeding up cooking time, and in improving your cooking skill.


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