Useful and Unusual Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen accessories are a great and useful investment. Even for those people who don’t necessarily enjoy cooking or spending time in the kitchen, it’s still a great idea to spend time in stylish kitchen and use tools which will make the process as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. Check out these useful and unusual kitchen accessories which aside from being adorable to look at, also makes kitchen work a lot easier

All-Purpose Bottle Opener


All-Purpose Bottle Opener

If you are struggling to look for different openers for your canned peas and bottled beers, this all-purpose opener will be the ultimate solution to your problems! It can open all sorts of bottled and canned foodstuffs and beverages. Soda bottles in plastic, beer in cans and bottles, pull-tab food cans and a lot more!

This product is also known as the “arthritis bottle opener”, which also includes the regular bottle opener for all-in-one convenience, allowing you to open all sorts of bottled drinks with ease.


The Magic Tap


The Magic Tap


Large bottles and jugs are quite heavy and can be really unwieldy especially when you try to pour drinks out of them. With a tap from this automatic dispenser, getting your favorite drinks are now made easy, pain-free and mess-free. No more lifting or chances of spilling. It is a revolutionary spill-proof automatic drink dispenser which can fit to all types of jugs and containers.


Blacklight LED Cooler




This Blacklight LED Cooler is unlike anything else on the market, with its LED lights which illuminate the interior contents of the cooler with a vibrant blue glow. The size of this cooler is perfect for any event or party, which holds a cool 50+ drinks inside at once. Aside from that, it is 100% leak-proof and rust-resistant, and this product will reliably last years of great times.


Chain Mail Cast Iron Scrubber


Chain Mail Cast Iron Scrubber


Do you have a hard time cleaning and scrubbing cookware? Then try this Chain Mail Cast Iron Scrubber, which is reputed to be the world’s top scrubber for cast iron cookware. It can clean and scrub all sorts of cookware which includes casseroles, Dutch ovens and stainless steel cookware, quickly and easily. It is made with strong and solid material and workmanship which ensures durability as well as repeated and constant uses.


Day And Night Heat Sensitive Mug




For the globe-trotters out there, you will absolutely love this mug! It’s not just your ordinary mug — it uses a heat sensitive technology that enhances the mug’s appearance when in contact with a warm drink. When you pour a hot beverage into the mug, watch as the world map gradually comes into view, more brightly. As the mug warms itself, you can actually see the accurate topography and a realistic depiction on what the earth looks like as seen from the outer space.


Pizza Slice Divider


Pizza Slice Divider


Having petty arguments with your family and friends over uneven pizza slices? This nifty pizza divider will end to such problems. It allows you to divide and slice pizza evenly in a quick and easy way! This flexible divider is made from food-friendly silicone and it keeps every slice isolated so you can top each slice with your favorite toppings.


Cracking nuts can be a pain. That’s why the Spring-Assisted Nutcracker is here to take the chore out of cracking nuts. Heck, it even makes this task more fun! And after trying cracking nuts with this kitchen gadget, we’re sure you’d love to do this all over again!


Pizza Scissors Spatula


Pizza Scissors Spatula


This pizza scissors make cutting and serving pizza slices easy. This product is made of stainless and plastic and has a measurement of 12” x 3” x 3 ¾”. This works by just cutting your pizza and then move the piece you cut to the plate with spatula.

Serve up your delicious pie without spilling toppings all over by cutting the slices using this pizza scissors spatula.


Do you have to clean your slow cooker every so often? Do you have to scrape out those baked-in or burnt food left inside the slow cooker?

With these disposable slow cooker liners, you don’t have to do all of these things! These bags even hold the heartiest meals without breaking, as they are made from strong, durable and temperature-safe materials. You can even cook two meals at once with these bags! Line your slow cooker with these bags and be amazed at how you will be able to create your favorite slow cooker classics without having to clean and scrub the appliance after cooking.


Self Locking Universal Knife Block


Self Locking Universal Knife Block


Safety around home is very important, especially when you have children. And when it comes to sharp kitchen knives, many people feel comfortable and safe hiding these items in a drawer. However, the drawer needs to be secured because the blades can be easily damaged and the knives can be dangerous to take out when needed. This product is the perfect solution, with its innovative design which locks knives safely inside the block and requires an adult-sized hand to operate it.

The blade of each knife is held securely by the unique cam-lock mechanism every time a knife is placed inside the knife slot.


Microwave Popcorn Popper



With this microwave popcorn popper, making popcorn has never been this easier — and healthier! You do not have to add oil or butter. Just fill the recessed cup in bottom of the popcorn popper, fold the top, and put the popper in the microwave. The side tabs of the popper allow for safe handling.

This popper is made of heat-resistant silicone material and is dishwasher-safe. It can hold up to fives tablespoons of popcorn kernels.


Pistachio Nut Opener




One of the biggest problems of eating nuts is the process of opening it. Some people always have a hard time opening nuts, but thanks to this product, you can now open your beloved pistachios with minimal effort. It sports a solid stainless steel construction and features a small pointed wedge which instantly opens even the most problematic pistachios.


Mepra Casablanca Oro Cutlery



Make your dinnerware more classy and elegant with Mepra Casablanca Oro Cutlery set. Every piece of this 12-fork set features elegant accents and is coated with titanium which has four times the durability of stainless steel. This is a perfect blend of art, science and sophistication.


Elevated Hygienic Cutlery



This Cutlety set is specially designed with top class stainless steel and patented to protect from germs where it touches the table or the surface. It is free from dirty and surface germs on the table, ergonomically designed for easy and comfortable grip, and has new concept flatware of hygienic functions and sleek design.


Cool To The Touch Microwave Bowl


Cool To The Touch Microwave Bowl


When was the last time your fingers got burnt after you warmed your food from a microwave? With this three-piece microwave bowl, you don’t have to cry “ouch!” again. This microwaves-safe plastic bowl can keep your food warm, while remaining cool outside. It also features handy lids which keeps your food from splattering, as well as a unique handle which allows for eating straight from the microwave without having to do more dirty dishes.


Heart Shaped Teacup Set


Tea for two, perhaps? You can do so with your loved one with this heart-shaped teacup set! The tea starts to shimmer as it seems to be suspended inside the cup in mid-air, and you will then be able to see the cup’s heart-shaped design as the tea starts to brew. With these cups you will definitely love sipping your tea (or any other beverage).


Slurpable Cereal Straw Spoon




Is your breakfast time with your kids becoming more messy? Get rid of the miss with this nifty utensil, the Slurpable Cereal Straw Spoon. A spoon and a straw in one, this utensil is perfect for eating cereals, milkshakes, soups and a lot more. Sip n’ eat with less mess!

It comes as a set of six of straw spoons, each in different vibrant colors.


Stainless Steel Chilling Ice Cubes


Stainless Steel Chilling Ice Cubes

With these stainless-steel chilling ice cubes, you can keep your beverages good and cold without diluting them (which otherwise spoils the flavor!). Each reusable cube is made from stainless steel and is food- and beverage-friendly.


Collapsible Water Bottle


Collapsible Water Bottle


This product is an adaptable water bottle whether you’re a frequent flier, a packed-schedule parent, an active adventurer or someone who loves thoughtful design. This collapsible water bottle folds down to just over an inch thick, simple to clean whether by hand or dishwasher top rack, certified safe, non-toxic food grade material, leak proof seal throughout the bottle and your water will always taste fresh.


Que Collapsible Water Bottle


Que Collapsible Water Bottle


The unique spiral design of this water bottle creates a stunning look which will surely grab attention and start a conversation. It is easy to collapse and comes in six fashionable colors. This water bottle is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and is designed with a wide mouth opening which allows ice cubes if you need a colder drink. It is also lightweight and compact.


Swan Cutlery Holder




This cutlery holder is a high quality stainless steel, resistant and durable. It is a flatware spoon fork set which can be used for serving fruit, salad, coffee or dessert. It has a unique swan figure design which makes it class and elegant for home decoration. If you’re looking for a perfect gift for Thanksgiving or Christmas, this is a great gift idea.


Sponge Tipped Rubber Gloves



Does your hand end up feeling cramped after washing the dishes, cleaning the sink or cleaning the bathroom? With this pair of sponge-tipped rubber gloves, cleaning has never been this easy and more convenient. Whether you’re washing the dishes or scrubbing the floor or tiles, you don’t have to use a sponge because you can scrub anything directly by using your hands. These rubber gloves are re-usable too.

These kitchen accessories may be unusual and unique, but these are very helpful in making our work in the kitchen easier and faster. Aside from that, these accessories would really get the attention compared to other kitchen accessories you have.


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