Why Affiliate Marketing Needs Tracking

Revenue Share is known as an affiliate program. Its participants have the opportunity to receive a part of the income that they provide to customers. For attracting new players to bookmakers and online casinos, you can get a percentage of their loss. The Revshare gambling affiliate program is one of the most popular and has different types. Each operation provides different income and loss options. In some financial institutions, types of payment are used as development programs. Business owners can pay employees a percentage for bringing in new customers.


Anyone can earn in the program. But to do this without initial capital is almost impossible. The first profit can be expected for a long time, from several weeks to 2-3 months.

This program differs from another well-known Cost per Action. An arbitrageur can make a profit right away and use it to attract new clients.

Revshare has the main scheme that is used to calculate profits. It looks like this: Revshare = NetRevenue * profit percentage. NetRevenue means the earnings that the bookmaker receives from the player who was attracted by the affiliate program. The designation can be used for both winning and losing.

A detailed description of how to use the program

Revenue Share uses various administrative deductions. They include the cost of transactions and commissions. The costs are practically the same. In most cases, bookmakers share the net profit with betting program participants. Detailed information is always contained and recorded in the documentation.

The program has a Dynamic Revshare function. It denotes a variable rate of deductions. It can be used by members of the affiliate program who have a lot of traffic. Profit is calculated as follows:

  • for the first 15-20 deposits – up to 25%;
  • following deposits – 45%;
  • 100 deposit and above – 60%.

That is, those who register the plan receive practically no commission. New traffic sources always need certain tools to work with them. Since 2019, the main spoilers are small texts, mobile traffic, photos, and videos.

To save the publisher and traffic, it is important to create an affiliate scheme and set up the tracking correctly. The user should be able to see all available options. This is especially related to when paid orders will be available. It is recommended to pay attention to such nuances:

  • switching to the mobile version in the browser or using the desktop site on a desktop device;
  • the transition from one device to another (for example, a Telegram channel that is used on a smartphone and a PC);
  • user options to automatically switch between different versions using links from a smartphone or tablet.

Offline traffic also has advantages. The audience in this option is considered to be the target only if it corresponds to the quality of goods and services. Among the minuses, it can be noted that the webmaster has difficulties working without using an affiliate link. In addition, it is very difficult to share information. In any case, online tracking options have more advantages and are among the most effective, especially when used by beginners.