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Zombie, Gag and White Elephant Gifts

Do you need to put the finishing touch on your Halloween decorations? Are you looking for the perfect way to add some fun zombie-themed gags to add to your party? Or are you looking for some interesting white elephant gifts? Check out these zombie gag and white elephant gifts.

Build Your Own Zombie Kit




This is another Halloween or gag gift idea! This is made from quality air-dry dough which comes in four various colors, which allow you to create your own hideous-looking zombies! Leave the dough for 24 hours after building your own zombie. The dough can be used again, which means more fun in creating terrifying zombies all over again!


Zimbabwe 10 Billion Dollars 2008 UNC, World inflation record, currency banknotes P85 by RBZ


Zimbabwe 10 Billion Dollars 2008 UNC, World inflation record, currency banknotes P85 by RBZ

You may want to have this Zimbabwean 10 billion dollar bank note if you’re a collector of the odd and interesting collector’s item in particular. This bank note was issued in 2008, during the heat of hyperinflation. However, despite being 10 billion Zimbabwean dollars, it barely pays for a load of bread.

If you are a passionate collector of coins and notes, you might not want to miss this 10 billion Zimbabwe dollar bank note which possesses an interesting history behind it.


Impaled Zombie Pen Holder


Impaled Zombie Pen Holder


Be the next expert zombies exterminator by impaling them with this impaled zombie pen holder. It is made of high-quality materials — including crushed stone bonded with durable resin. This is to ensure repeated zombie killings… we mean pencil holdings! So why do you still use that old and boring pencil holder when you can stab it through the chest of a miniature zombie instead?


Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit


Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit


What if, one day, the dead rise from their graves and begin to haunt your entire neighborhood? You will never know! That’s why it is important to be ready and prepared if and when these zombies start to terrorize your town.

This kit has everything you need in order to survive the zombie apocalypse. It contains 24 items including: a compass, a fire starter, a hunting permit, a skull face mask, a tactical card knife and a lot more, all encased in a durable and reusable tin box. With using this zombie apocalypse kit, your chances of survival will be even greater.

You can use this kit for camping, hiking or any time when these zombies strike, or you can give that as an ideal gift to your zombie survivalist friend.

These zombie gag and white elephant gifts are the perfect things if you are looking for something strange, weird, funny and off the wall gifts.


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