3 of the Best Florida Cities to Live in

Are you considering making the move to Florida but you’re not sure which city in the sunshine state would be the best option for you? There is much to love about Florida, and with so many great cities, there is something for everyone.

To learn more about some of the best Florida cities and what they have to offer, keep reading. Find the best area for you with this brief and simple guide.

1. Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is one of the most popular cities in South Florida and it’s known for its large white sandy beaches. It’s also known as a great spot for spring breakers because this beautiful city also has a great nightlife scene. However, it’s also a great spot for anyone looking to relax on the beach while eating great seafood.

Fort Lauderdale beach offers a great boardwalk along the beach for outdoor activity and you can always find beach volleyball players out for a day in the sun. Las Olas Boulevard is host to tons of bars, restaurants, and clubs. Walks along the harbor will allow for impressive sights, as many large yachts are kept there.

This is a great area for boaters or those looking for days on the beach. Fort Lauderdale has much of the beauty and culture of Miami, but with a more relaxed vibe.

2. St. Augustine

St. Augustine is known for its historic charm and beauty. The city has a European feel that is great for those looking for a romantic location. Cobblestone roads lead to lovely cafes and historic locations, such as an old wooden schoolhouse and museums. St. Augustine Beach is great for the whole family with a lighthouse and a lively peer.

This is a great location for families of all kinds or those that are looking for some historic charm without missing out on gorgeous Florida beaches.

3. Tampa Bay

Tampa is a great Florida city that offers so much to do and see. This city offers a bustling metropolitan area while also being close to a handful of gorgeous Florida beaches. There are options for the whole family, with theater, concert, and sporting venues as well as an impressive zoo and aquarium.

Busch Gardens is one of Tampa’s most popular destinations, and it uniquely fuses a theme park with tons of fun rollercoasters, with a zoo full of live animals. An area of Tampa called Ybor is rooted in Cuban history, making it a great place to explore and get a traditional Cuban meal. Those moving to Tampa will always have something to do, as there are tons of local events and festivals that you can check out on warm weekends.

Make the Move to Florida

If you’re thinking of making the move to Florida, make sure to check out these amazing cities. These cities allow you to be in great cities with an array of things to do while also being able to enjoy the warm beaches and water.

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