How To Wear a Ring With Your Outfit (the Right Way)

The hottest engagement ring trends for 2021 include emeralds, vintage-inspired settings, rose-cut diamonds, and recycled metals and stones.

Of course, you don’t need to be engaged to get in on the trends. That’s one of the best things about rings. No matter what you’re wearing, there’s sure to be a ring (or rings) that can match your outfit.

If you don’t consider yourself a ring person but want to try being one, you first need to know how to wear a ring the right way. Here, we’ll talk about some styling tips that can help you wear rings with confidence. Moreover, we also provide the pros of playing the Ring of Odin Slot online.

Size Matters

Before you worry about “What color ring should I wear?” consider if the rings you own right now are in proportion to your hands.

It’s okay to go for larger rings if your hands are on the bigger side. If you have daintier hands, though, opting for giant rings could throw off your whole look. You can try stacking small bands, but if you’re unsure about your layering skills, you can go for a single color stack (e.g., all white gold, rose, or yellow).

When in Doubt, Follow Tried-and-True Jewelry Rules

There are many guides on how to wear jewelry online, and most of them would say choose what you want to highlight. For example, if you’re layering necklaces, it would look too much if you’re also wearing a stack of bangles.

Or let’s say you’re rocking some statement earrings. If you’re also wearing a chunky necklace on top of a printed outfit, your look might be too jarring.

The same applies to rings. Keep everything else simple, so your rings can be the focus of your look.

Remember How to Accessorize an Outfit Properly

Expanding on the second tip, you should think about your other accessories. If you’re also wearing a belt with a distinct buckle or a statement watch, think about how your rings would match with them.

Another thing to keep in mind is your skin tone. Silver rings look good on cool-toned skin, while gold matches well for those with warm skin color.

Experiment With Different Ring Styles

If you read some articles on how to choose jewelry or match jewelry, you’ll see that many of them talk about experimenting.

For people who don’t know their exact jewelry preferences, this is solid advice. Sure, following trends is okay, but it’s better to take your time understanding what you do and don’t like when it comes to rings and other jewelry items.

One thing that can help is browsing jewelry collections online or in-store. For instance, Wholesale Sparkle has quite a selection of rings, from engagement rings to custom bands, and so on. It helps to list the items that caught your eye and make a note of the things you like about them.

Have More Questions About How to Wear a Ring?

Now that you know some tips on how to wear a ring, do you think you’ll be buying some rings soon?

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