Pest control and your pet: Things worth knowing

Your pet is a part of your family, and expectedly, you would want to ensure their safety under all circumstances. If you have found signs of pest infestation at home, you should call a professional service immediately. Before you hire a company, you should, however, check if the company relies on pet-friendly pest control methods and means. Here is all the info you need.

Understanding integrated pest management

More companies are looking beyond pest extermination. The term – integrated pest management – is particularly important in this regard. This is a specific approach where the experts focus on minimizing the impact of pest control activities on the planet. Companies that practice IPM ensure that the products they use for the job are safer, and as a client, you can assert your voice about ensuring that their methods are safe for your pets too.

Consider the approach of the pest control company

When you ask a pest control company whether they adhere to IPM methods, they are likely to say yes. However, the actual difference lies in the approach. The right team will inspect your property, find signs of infestation, and suggest solutions accordingly. In other words, a pest control company shouldn’t just use pesticides without caution. Also, the team at work should have a preventive plan to keep pests from coming back. Please note that many of the over-the-counter pest control solutions are unsafe for your pets, and unless you are sure of how to fix the problem, do not handle these products.

Keeping your pets safe during pest control

Before the pest control experts, ensure that you remove your pets from the property. If that is not an option, get a carrier and ensure that the pet is left safe in an area that is not being treated. You should also keep your pets out of the treated areas for at least a few hours. This will ensure that the product has dried and wouldn’t pose further risk to your beloved animal. If you have any concerns, let the pest control company know in advance, and their workers can take extra care to ensure all steps are taken cautiously.

Finding a good company

Even if IPM-based pest control companies charge a tad more, it is worth paying for. You need to be sure that the company is doing everything to minimize all risks and keep your pets safe from pests.